Presentation Structure: Get To Know The Audience

When you know someone, really know them, it’s easy to persuade them. Investing time into familiarizing yourself with the audience solidifies your ability to persuade.

Meet the Hero: The audience is the hero who will determine the outcome of your idea, so it’s important to know them fully. Jump into the shoes of your audience and look carefully at their lives. Picture them as individuals with complex lives. Identify with their feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. Discover their lifestyles, knowledge, desires, and values. Painting a picture of who they are in their ordinary world helps you connect with them and communicate from a place of empathy.

Meet the Mentor: Embracing the stance of mentor clothes you in humility. It moves you from forcing information on “an ignorant audience” to giving them valuable tools to guide them on their journey or help them get unstuck. They should leave with valuable insights they didn’t have before they met with you.

When an audience gathers, they have given you their time, which is a precious slice of their lives. It’s your job to have them feel that the time they spent with you brought value to their lives.

If a presenter knows the audience’s resonant frequency and tunes to that, the audience will move.