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Master the art of presenting online

Articulate your ideas well in a virtual setting and influence others remotely with this 90-minute, on-demand course.

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Communicate and connect with remote audiences

If you’re like most technology workers, you’re doing your job remotely some or all the time. Presentations that were once in person, now happen via virtual platforms.

Virtual communication empowers people to express ideas in new ways. Yet if it’s not used well, the medium can leave audiences cold.

By maximizing the benefits of virtual, while minimizing the drawbacks, presenters can create experiences that delight and move audiences.

You’ve got the platform — now practice using it to get your ideas across to remote audiences. The Presenting Virtually™ on-demand course will help you apply techniques from the guidebook to hone your virtual communication through short and engaging video-based lessons plus hands-on exercises and reference tools.

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9 9 /10

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Refine your skills online

Virtual presentation skills training. Anywhere, anytime.

This on-demand course provides informational lessons, quizzes, and exercises to hone your virtual presentation skills.

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On-demand course


  • 1 hour 30 minute average completion time
  • 90 days to complete after enrollment
  • 36 video lessons
  • Online lectures, quizzes, and exercises

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Course overview

Command the virtual room

With Duarte’s Presenting Virtually™ on-demand course, you will:

  • Master the art of presenting online
  • Communicate and connect with remote audiences
  • Increase your reach and influence
  • Inspire virtual audiences to action
  • Hear from four experts who are skilled in strategy, story, visuals, and delivery to better connect with remote audiences.

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Four sessions to master online presentations

Module one

Planning your presentation

First, you’ll learn how to strategize the content in your presentation and peak the interest of your audience immediately.

  • Begin with empathy
  • Consider the format
  • Plan the presentation layers
Module two

Connecting with your audience through storytelling

Next, you’ll review techniques to connect with your audience and make your presentation more consumable.

  • Craft content that holds attention
  • Make your content consumable
  • Fine-tune your structure
  • Make it interactive
Module three

Visuals and design

Learn how to design your slides to inspire your audience and better explain your ideas.

  • Design for all dimensions
  • Choose the right environment
  • Clarify slides with a S.P.A. Treatment™
Module four

Tone and delivery

Command the virtual room with expert tips on tone and delivery.

  • Step up your setup
  • Use your voice
  • Move intentionally

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Michael Duarte

Instructor highlight

Michael Duarte, Senior Director of Learning Strategy and Master Facilitator​

With 30 years at Duarte, Michael is now a Master Facilitator and Senior Director of Learning Strategy, and he loves problem solving to help clients overcome communication challenges. He is also a Communication Coach at UC Santa Clara’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and a guest lecturer at Northwestern University.

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“I’ve been teaching public speaking at universities for more than 20 years. This course helped me to understand how to present better in virtual environments and gave me great tips to share with my students.”

“I thought the course was great! The information was good and the production quality was top notch. The Duarte team that presented all had unique styles, and I learned a lot just by focusing on how they presented.”

“Another fabulous delivery of valuable, real-life applicable information. Thank you!”

“This course was very helpful in providing me practical tips and tricks that I can apply in my day to day work.”

“Loved the 3 minute or less organization by topic. Comprehensive and to the point.”

“Loved the short videos! Straight to the point and kept me engaged throughout.”

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