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Gain confidence with public speaking

You’ve finished your research. You’ve crafted relevant and compelling content. You may have even created stunning slides. But you still need to nail your delivery. After all, great content cannot move people if it’s not delivered well. Luckily, effective public speaking is a skill everyone can learn.

Captivate™ gives you the model and tools to become a more comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic speaker. This highly participatory public speaking workshop uses a mix of instruction, examples, group discussion, and live coaching sessions so you can immediately put your new skills to practice.

Ways to learn

Flexible learning paths: For all your public speaking needs

Choose your mode of learning. Whether in person, live online, 1:1 speaker coaching, or executive speaker coaching, pick what best meets your needs. For group learning, our Captivate™ workshop provides facilitated discussion, small group collaboration, and hands-on practice to refine your recommendation.


Live online course

$2195 per person

  • Workshop spread over two days, with two 90-minute sessions each day
  • One 30-minute break per day
  • Physical or digital kit

In-person course

$2195 per person

  • One day workshop, packed with four 90-minute sessions
  • Three 15-minute breaks and a 45-minute lunch
  • Physical kit

1:1 Speaker Coaching

Per package pricing

  • Choose from one month, three month, or six month packages
  • Live sessions and on-demand video modules
  • For your next big keynote, leverage our executive speaker coaching

Course overview

Comprehensive speaking skills development

Beyond research and content, learn the nuances of delivery that make great speakers. Our Captivate™ course blends theory with practical coaching to enhance your speaking prowess.

From boardrooms to keynotes, gain the confidence and communication skills to influence and engage any audience effectively.

  • Increase your confidence in every speaking setting, from virtual meetings to live keynotes
  • Persuade others not just by what you say, but how you say it
  • Leverage your personality and presence to create a memorable impression
  • Track your own progress through built-in practice sessions

Download overview



Refine your public speaking skills in just four sessions

Foundations of persuasive speaking

  • Introduction to Captivate™
  • Establish the goal of a presentation
  • Identify the nine traits every powerful presenter has in common
  • Optimize audio and video for virtual presentations

Building confidence and command

  • Come across as more comfortable
  • Take up space
  • Articulate authoritatively and cleanly
  • Speak with power and confidence
  • Core Work 1: Identify your purpose
  • Presentation and coaching session with facilitator and peers

Engaging and influencing your audience

  • Increase your dynamism
  • Vary vocal dynamics for emphasis
  • Use gestures to underline key points
  • Move purposefully in the space
  • Core Work 2: Clarify your passion
  • Presentation and coaching session with facilitator and peers

Connecting empathetically with listeners

  • Display audience empathy
  • Give your audience time to process
  • Make intentional eye contact
  • Read and respond
  • Core Work 3: Re-align your perspective
  • Presentation and coaching session with facilitator and peers

It’s an honor that Duarte’s Captivate™ workshop has been named the #1 World’s TOP Communication Development Program at the Global Gurus 2023 Awards. Votes are cast for communication speakers and trainers who have made a profound impact on learners, teams, and/or organizations. Votes are based on actions, unique concepts, and the learner’s personal ability to apply and benefit from what they were taught.

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