Communication systems

Empower employees with consistent messaging, presentation templates, and distinctive visuals that improve communication and boost productivity.

Lead with empathy

Model effective leadership communication and moves people to action with story and clarity.

Connect to purpose

Inspire and engage teams by building a sense of purpose, and help people embrace it.

Capture audience attention

Retain top talent

Nurture a culture of belonging and provide leadership growth opportunities.

Create clarity, build alignment

Develop a healthier communication culture within your organization and boost engagement and employee retention.

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  • Sharpen your strategy and communicate with greater impact

  • Provide coaching to help your leaders become influential communicators

  • Embed empathy into communication and workflow, so it becomes a habit

  • Build a more agile and resilient team, that can weather tough seasons

  • Improve alignment between stakeholders with different points-of-view

  • Help teams connect better with customers and the market

Services we provide

Change communication

Culture stories

Internal events

HR and L&D communication consulting

Culture story libraries

Presentation template systems

Team skill building prioritization


Helping Al Gore ignite a movement

When the former Vice President needed help turning climate research into a rallying cry for the world, Duarte was there to help. The result: A presentation that became an Oscar winning film that energized the environmental movement.

Are you over the target?

Make sure your presentation is empathetically aligned to the needs of your audience. Our free Audience Needs Map can help.

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