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Get your talk on the fast track with Accelerator Lab™

Expert-led working sessions that guide your team through the Duarte process.

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Align your team. Craft your story.

Struggling to get started or unstuck? Or maybe it’s a challenge to get your team aligned on one message?

Duarte’s Accelerator Lab™ can help.

Our hands-on lab brings your team together and brings your story to life.

And they do it quickly, so you can share your story with the world.

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A fast process proven to get your story ready for the world

Whether you need a sales deck, a corporate overview, or a thought leader presentation, our team is ready to go.

Accelerator Lab Pre Consult Conference Icon

Pre-consult conference

A one-hour virtual meeting to answer your questions, discuss the process, and design the agenda.

Accelerator Lab Discovery Questionnaire Icon

Discovery questionnaire

A rich probing questionnaire, designed to help us uncover what you already know about your audience and message.

Accelerator Lab Audience Profile Big Idea Icon

Audience profile and Big Idea™

Together we’ll analyze your audience, determine what moves them and the impact you’ll want to make, then use this to frame your Big Idea™.

Accelerator Lab Story And Messaging Icon

Story and messaging

Using what we’ve created, we’ll help you build a compelling narrative and story structure for your presentation deck.

Accelerator Lab Visual Recommendations Icon

Visual recommendations

Our design experts will recommend slide layouts and sequences that create visual focus and clarity.

Accelerator Lab Presentation Development Icon

Presentation development

Our design team will work with you to create a visual style, then incorporate their visual recommendations and layouts into a finished slide deck.

How the Accelerator Lab™ process works

We guide. You build.

What you do

  • Clarify the Audience Journey™
  • Define your Big Idea™
  • Craft a persuasive, new narrative
  • Work together as a team
  • Make creative decisions
  • Own the new narrative

What you get

  • Discovery findings
  • Audience analysis
  • Blocking deck
  • Video recordings
  • Visual plan (optional)
  • Finished slide deck (optional)
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Ready to fast-track your story?

Our experts can’t wait to connect with you. Let’s get your team together and get to work.

Have a story? Speaker coaching helps you tell it.

You’ve got a new message. Now get your people ready to tell it. Whether you’re talking about team leaders, the C-Suite, or sales, our one-on-one support from a Duarte speaker coach gets everyone aligned with the new message.

Speaker coaching is an optional element of the Accelerator Lab™.

It took hard work to craft your story. Feel confident telling it.

A man leads a talk in front of a group of people.
The Duarte Method in a Venn Diagram, with empathy at the center.

The Accelerator Lab™ walks you through The Duarte Method™

For decades, The Duarte Method™ has led global leaders to communicate with greater purpose, clarity, and impact. The Accelerator Lab™ breaks that process down into facilitated working sessions that scale to your needs. The time commitment is lower. The possibilities are endless.

Learn about the Duarte Method™

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Featured case study

How a new deck boosted Veeam Software

Hear how Veeam Software equipped their sales teams for success with the help of Duarte.

Hear from previous Accelerator Lab™ clients

Here’s what past client partners had to say about our hands-on lab.

“My experience … was far and above what I had expected. The teams led effective discussions and provided guidance in a way that felt simple even though we were short on time to complete the work. I would recommend in a heartbeat.“

“The sessions really gave us time to clarify our thinking and build a compelling narrative around a huge organizational change, I am much more confident in our communications now than before!“

“The Duarte team is top-notch and their expertise and insights were critical in delivering executive keynotes that engaged and inspired the audience.“

“This was such a well orchestrated process [and] an effective use of our resources and time well spent. The outcome pitch deck that we jointly created is without a doubt orders of magnitude better than what we would have developed on our own.”

“Duarte was able to take a lot of ideas from a lot of personalities to help us build a presentation that really focused on the key benefits of our products and our company’s main mission to a specific group of customers. Well done!“

“Every start-up team can benefit from the value proposition and personal development exercises taught by Duarte.“