Accelerator Lab™

Join one of our expert facilitators in a series of working sessions that guide you confidently through the Duarte process. Walk away with lifelong skills and a new deck.

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Get focused traction on your presentation

  • Clarify the Audience Journey™
  • Define your Big Idea™
  • Craft a persuasive, new narrative
  • Get visual recommendations (optional)
  • Construct your visual plan (optional)
  • Design and finish your slide deck (optional)
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Align your team with help from our experts

Build a strong, audience-focused vision, narrative, and visuals for your talk while helping your team:

  • Make creative decisions
  • Align to a single story
  • Own the new narrative
  • Have fun together
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Accelerator Lab™ process

Our guided, interactive engagements include pre-work and three or more interactive working sessions.

We facilitate the process every step of the way, and you’ll leave amazed and inspired by what you’ve built.

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  • Pre-consult conference

    A one-hour virtual meeting to answer your questions, discuss the process, and design the agenda.

  • Discovery questionnaire

    A rich probing questionnaire, designed to help us uncover what you already know about your audience and message.

  • Audience profile and Big Idea™

    We’ll analyze your audience, determine what moves them and the impact you’ll want to make, and use this to to frame your Big Idea™.

  • Story and messaging

    Using what we’ve created, we’ll help you build a compelling narrative and story structure for your presentation deck.

  • Visual recommendations (optional)

    Our design experts will recommend visuals throughout the sessions, identifying key areas for improvement and visual focus.

  • Presentation development (optional)

    Using our blocking deck, we’ll choose slide types, identify key visual elements, build your visual plan, and even craft a finished slide deck!


We’ll right-size the engagement scope and deliverables, based on your needs and budget.

Icon showing magnifying glass and discovery findings

Discovery findings

All the responses and insights from your discovery questionnaire.

Icon showing an audience or. crowd

Audience analysis

Polished deliverables based on the foundational materials we co-create.

Icon blocking deck

Blocking deck

A narrative structure or outline, laid out within slides (titles only).

Icon showing a video recorder

Video recordings

A video record of all the brilliant ideas you had during our sessions.

Icon showing a plan for slide presentations

Visual plan 

Digital sketches and notes for every slide.

Icon slide presentation

Finished presentation

Finished slides, based on our work together.

Speaker coaching icon

Speaker Coaching

One-on-one support from a Duarte coach.

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