Harness the power of visual storytelling

With this workshop, you’ll learn to transform complex ideas into impactful visual stories. You’ll use design thinking to organize your content, then you’ll convert ideas into a visual storyboard for your presentation.


Craft a compelling visual narrative in your presentation

Engage and inspire your audience.

For those who have tried to build compelling presentations, you know it’s not an easy feat. Maybe your mind goes blank when you sit down to generate ideas. Or maybe you struggle to organize fragmented thoughts into a cohesive message. Either way, you’re tired of seeing your presentations fall flat. So, if you want to get better at persuasive visual communication, where do you start?

The most persuasive presentations in the world today combine a compelling story with visual story design. VisualStory® gives you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of both narrative and visuals in a consolidated format. This interactive workshop is built on the principles in Nancy Duarte’s best-selling books, Slide:ology® and Resonate®.

Ways to learn

Learning formats for your visual storytelling training

Designed for visual learners, our sessions focus on creativity, emotion, and effective visual storytelling.


Live online workshop

$990 per person

  • Spread over two days, with two 90-minute sessions each day
  • One 30-minute break per day
  • Physical or digital kit

In-person workshop

$990 per person

  • One day, packed with four 90-minute sessions
  • Three 15-minute breaks and a 45-minute lunch
  • Physical kit

Course overview

Discover the power of visual thinking in storytelling

This course is not just about creating visual content; it’s about becoming a skilled visual storyteller who can convey complex ideas with emotional connection.

  • Analyze your audience before you’ve written a word
  • Discover the story structure used by history’s greatest communicators
  • Identify characteristics of great slides
  • Start thinking like a designer

Download overview


Take the first steps to achieving visual storytelling mastery over four sessions

Build a compelling brand story through visual medium

  • Presentation spectrum
  • Target audience analysis
  • Find common ground

Techniques to enhance your visual narrative skills

  • Define the audience journey
  • How to apply story structure
  • Verify contrast

Create emotional connections with visual aids

  • Signal vs noise
  • Visualize information
  • Get the core message
  • Turn words into diagrams
  • Wordmap novel concepts

Finalize your presentation with design techniques

  • Design fundamentals
  • Eye flow
  • Whitespace
  • Hierarchy
  • Contrast
  • Unity

Transform your data into visuals

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