Designing slides and visual aids that pop

Your message is clearer with well-designed visual aids. Make your ideas stand out with these science-backed design principles.

Topics Covered: Slide design

Michael Duarte

Senior Director of Learning Strategy, Master Facilitator


Getting buy-in for your ideas depends as much on how you communicate as what you communicate. It starts with a clear message, for sure. But people also must be able to “see” what you’re saying. That’s where slides and other visual aids come in.

Well-designed visual aids help audiences understand new ideas and make sense of them. In fact, research shows that messages are easier to comprehend when they’re accompanied by visuals. But that’s only true if your visual aids are well-designed and relevant to the audience.

In this webinar you’ll learn to:

  • Identify traits of effective slides and visual aids
  • Recognize the most common types of slides
  • Decide what information to keep and what to cut
  • Make your key messages rise above the noise
  • Create a-ha moments in every presentation you deliver

This talk is followed by a Q&A with an expert Duarte designer.

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