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Presentation delivery courses

Become a more poised, polished, and persuasive speaker

Presenters have seconds to create buy-in and inspire action. Our training can help. Learn how to deliver a talk or presentation with greater clarity, confidence, and impact.

Multiple courses, 3 flexible ways to learn

We offer multiple training options and classes to help you deliver a talk or oral presentation with more confidence. Receive expert tips, tricks, advice, and feedback on your public speaking with online presentation skills training. Many learners take more than one course!

Live online

Experience virtual training classroom instruction, discussion, and interaction live from your desktop.

In person

Visit Duarte HQ or bring us onsite for a team training or custom workshop.

On demand

Learn on your own, with a self-paced, online course perfectly-sized for you!

Captivate™ – Top course!

Improve your public speaking

Overcome bad habits, conquer fears, and increase your confidence in any speaking setting. Captivate™ equips you with expert advice on body language, communicating with your audience, speech delivery, and more. This highly participatory public speaking workshop uses a mix of instruction, examples, group discussion, and live coaching sessions so you can immediately put your new skills to practice.

Live online or in person

Captivate™ course

Speaker Coaching

Personalized help for speakers

Up-level your speaking skills with one-on-one support. We’ll help you rehearse your talk, polish your presence, and transform your message delivery. Whether you’re looking for a few rehearsals or to completely transform your communication skills, we have a Speaker Coaching package for you.

Live online

1:1 Speaker Coaching

Presenting Virtually™

Master presenting online

Use our time-tested techniques, tips, and tricks to better connect and communicate with a remote audience, increasing your reach and influence. The Presenting Virtually™ on -demand course will help you apply techniques from the guidebook to hone your virtual communication and give a great presentation.

On demand

Presenting Virtually™ course

Hear from previous presentation delivery learners

Would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their presentation skills – at any level of experience. The hands-on coaching received was invaluable and my team members are now feeling very prepared to get on stage at an upcoming event!

“This workshop certainly helped my public speaking skillset, but more importantly it helped me feel more confident and comfortable while presenting.”

“I can honestly say this was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had in a long time and a lot more confidence about speaking thanks to you.“

“I’ve been teaching public speaking at universities for more than 20 years. This course helped me to understand how to present better in virtual environments and gave me great tips to share with my students.”

“You were so helpful and patient and generous. No way I would have given even a decent talk without you. There were so many times you set me straight I can’t even remember. I still can’t believe the [standing ovation] at the end.“

“This is one of the best virtual experiences on elevating presentation skills with great peer feedback and coaching built into consumable chunks.”

Personalize your training

Create customized training packages

Elevate your professional persona and communicate ideas with impact while captivating audiences. Create a package of presenter courses and corporate training solutions to fit your team of any size.

Are you ready to empower your team? We’ll build a unique package of complementary courses that match your goals.

Explore learning journeys

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10 or more on your team?

Schedule a chat on our Training Concierge’s calendar, we can answer questions, build packages, and set up training based on your team’s availability.