Keynotes and events

Deliver industry-defining talks, and impactful and online and offline events with resonant messaging, engaging visuals, and inspiring cinematic presentations.


Connect audiences deeply to your brand

Use narrative to create a cohesive experience for attendees.

Showcase & amplify

Develop a throughline from main stage to breakouts to build your brand.

Stand out in
your industry

Reinforce your brand promise with great experiences.

Make an impact and build ROI

There’s a lot riding on your big event. Make sure you deliver results. Duarte supports global brands and leading speakers on the world’s largest stages.

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  • Captivate audiences with cinematic presentations

  • Deliver a message that wins hearts and minds

  • Map creative execution flawlessly to strategy

  • Align all decisions to support the attendee journey

  • Amplify your event with messaging, themes and visuals

  • Build a connected narrative across multiple presenters

  • Leverage your space to create an immersive impact

How we can help

Keynotes and breakouts

Strategy and theming

Booth experiences

Executive speaker coaching

Motion and video

Kiosk and digital signage

Event collateral


Dreamforce: Bringing AI innovation to life

When the world’s largest SaaS company needed help showcasing a revolutionary AI technology on their biggest stage, they turned to Duarte for help.


Transform your event experience

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