What would Duarte do: Slide design makeovers

Get insider tips from three world-class Duarte presentation designers as they provide live slide makeovers and teach you the secrets to engaging and memorable slides.

Ryan Orcutt

Ryan Orcutt

Creative Director, Head of Design

Transform your slides with Duarte designers

Did you know that 25% of workers see at least one PowerPoint presentation per day?

Did you also know that when asked to describe those presentations, the number one word used is: Boring.

While PowerPoint has been blamed for putting people to sleep in board rooms and conference halls, it’s not actually the presentation’s fault. In fact, we think presentation slides give you the ability to stand out from the crowd … IF you know how to design your slides in a compelling way.

That’s why we’re excited about our webinar, What would Duarte do: Slide design makeovers, where three world-class, Duarte presentation designers provide makeovers to your slides and teach you some of the simple tips and tricks that can ensure your presentations are never described as boring!

You’ll learn

  • How to simplify complex slides and best visualize data
  • Quick tips and tricks from world-class presentation designers
  • Different slide types for sales enablement decks, keynote speeches, the board room, and more
  • Potentially how your slides can come to life in the hands of a Duarte designer


Ryan Orcutt, Creative Director, Head of Design

Oscar Chacon, Senior Art Director

Radha Joshi, Senior Design Lead

Tabi Zarrinnaal, Senior Design Lead

This 50-minute webinar is followed by 10 minutes of interactive Q&A.

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