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Based on Illuminate, the award-winning book by Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez, this workshop will equip anyone in a leadership role to communicate change well. Great change management communications should be done in a way that sparks and sustains change. We’ll explore the story structure inherent in every change journey, reveal tools your team members and employees can use to communicate through the journey, and help you recall and share your change stories so you can gain buy-in.

Live online or in person

Illuminate™ course

Adaptive Listening™

Build trust and traction

An important leadership skill that is often overlooked is effective listening. Great listeners uncover the other person’s goals and needs, and then adapt the way they listen to help that person meet them. Uncover a better way to listen that goes beyond active listening and paying attention. In this workshop, you’ll not only uncover your S.A.I.D. Listening Style™, you’ll learn how to adapt your listening for others to help remove workplace friction.

Live online or in person

Adaptive Listening™ course

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“The title of the workshop is so appropriate – it was absolutely illuminating – it was a great reminder about the power of stories, ceremonies, symbols, and how important it is to practice storytelling to create micro and macro memorable moments!”

“This workshop teaches listening skills that will benefit literally everyone. Whether you’re a non-corporate human that interfaces with another or a manager whose job it is to care for a team, this gets to the core of … how we respond to others.”

“This workshop was incredibly valuable and directly applicable to my day-to-day work. The concepts of utilizing ceremonies/symbols more effectively really stuck with me. Also audience segmentation! HUGE!”

“I [now] know that my instinctive listener type doesn’t give every speaker what they need or want from me. Concepts and strategies were simple to understand and immediately applicable to my professional situation! Highly recommend!”

“Duarte Illuminate is a great learning experience! Great tools and novel approaches to inspiring and leading change in a complex environment.”

“This class taught me a much better way to be supportive of my colleagues and foster better communication in my team.”

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