Why it’ll take more than active listening to crush your goals

Uncover the roots of active listening, its workplace limitations, and embrace a groundbreaking solution: Adaptive Listening™.

Maegan Stephens

Maegan Stephens

Senior Director, Communication Services

Transform workplace communication with Adaptive Listening™

Let’s be honest. If your organization isn’t hitting its goals, your outdated listening skills might be the problem. Over the years, active listening has become synonymous with good listening. With tips like:

  • Show you’re listening, both verbally and non-verbally
  • Provide feedback and ask questions when appropriate
  • Pay attention by shutting off notifications and eliminating distractions

… it’s easy to see how active listening became the gold standard for workplace communication. But active listening was born out of interesting origins (which we’ll unpack in this webinar), and the workforce both looked, and functioned, very differently than how it does today.

After three years of research and analysis, we found that active listening can often come up short. And the failure to listen effectively can have tangible repercussions in organizations … even preventing some companies from hitting their goals. So, we developed a better methodology: Adaptive Listening™.

In this webinar, sought-after executive speaker coaches, Nicole Lowenbraun and Maegan Stephens, are interviewed by our CEO, Nancy Duarte, to take you on their research journey from “what if there was an even better way to listen at work?” to the tangible ways you can level-up your organization’s listening skills to scale.

What you’ll learn

  • The surprising origins of active listening
  • How and why active listening falls short in the workplace
  • The difference between active listening and Adaptive Listening™
    Adaptive Listening™ basics: An introduction to the methodology
  • The benefits Adaptive Listening™ can bring to you, your team, and your organization

Who this webinar is for

  • Leaders and emerging leaders who want to improve their listening
  • Active listening fans interested in taking their skills to the next level
  • L&D managers seeking communication development for their teams
  • Anyone who has to listen at work

This interactive webinar is followed by a Q&A.

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