Get ready for your big moment

Captivate audiences and inspire action at your next keynote or event. Our agency helps leaders with message strategy, storytelling, presentations, and speaker coaching, specializing in high-stakes moments for top-performing brands.

Our craft

Benefit from 35+ years of focused expertise in resonant storytelling and presentations.

Our method

Leverage a research-backed framework that connects, inspires, and mobilizes people.

Our experts

Team with leading strategists, designers, writers, and executive speaker coaches.

Clients we have worked with

Cisco, Qualcomm, Apple, VmWare, Salesforce, Snap, Inc., Adobe, Microsoft logos
Cisco, Qualcomm, Apple, VmWare, Salesforce, Snap, Inc., Adobe, Microsoft logos

Win hearts and minds. Move people to action.

The spoken word is a powerful tool. When you’re in a room and a story resonates with the crowd, you can feel yourself changing and see it in the eyes of others. Our specialists help you get these moments right, from small meetings to large-scale events.

Accelerate your ideas

Learn the Duarte Method™ while working on a project together. Accelerator Lab™ engagements allow teams to work side-by-side with our experts to gain quick traction on both narrative and visuals. With a 9/10 rating and rave reviews, it’s hard to go wrong!

Image of whiteboard session

Our method

We leverage The Duarte Method™, a proven, research-backed framework that supports the development of empathy-first strategies, resonant messages, memorable stories and distinctive visuals, tools and templates that communicate with impact, align understanding, and drive results.

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