Whether you’re looking for long-reads, quick tips, or tools, we’ve got resources that can help. For nearly three decades, Duarte has studied and practiced the art and science of communicating ideas, and we’ve taken a lot of notes. Now, we’ve created hundreds of presentation resources to share our expertise with you and help you become a better communicator.

Build Your Skills

Guides & Tools

Slidedoc™ Templates

Free customizable PowerPoint templates. Tool Learn More

2022 L&D Annual Trends Survey

Power Skills and Training for Today’s Workforce: Understand how companies are prioritizing L&D and organization-wide training and learn which soft s... Guide Learn More

Growth Mindset Checklist

How to Develop a Growth Mindset Checklist Learn More

Transform the Event Experience

How our team can help orchestrate extraordinary experiences. Guide Learn More

Slidedocs – Visual Documents

Clearly-formatted, tangible documents can work better than presentations. Guide Learn More

Presentation Formats

Consistently choose the right format for your presentations. Guide Learn More

Illuminate Torchbearer’s Toolkit

Use communication tools to guide teams through change. Tool Learn More

Illuminate Executive Summary

How to effectively lead your organization through change. Guide Learn More

How to Present: 5 Steps to Success

Five easy steps to crafting a winning presentation. Guide Learn More

Event Preparation Guide

How to prepare properly for smooth, impactful events. Guide Learn More

2021 Research Report

The State of Communicating and Presenting Online Guide Learn More

2020 Research Report

Transformative Soft Skills and Training to Build the Teams of Tomorrow Guide Learn More

The Glance Test

Create slides audiences grasp in a quick glance. Tool Learn More

How To Improve Dense Slides With Slidedocs

Skimmable slides alongside tangible documents can boost comprehension. Guide Learn More


A visualization system with more than 4,000 customizable diagrams. Download the free PowerPoint-ready files to enhance your presentation. Tool Learn More

Mastering Virtual Communication

Everything you need to know about creating impactful content, design, and delivery in our new virtual world. Guide Learn More

Five Types of Stories to Lead Your Team During Change

Discourage resistance during change by telling warning stories. Guide Learn More

Audience Needs Map

Understand your presentation audience for talks that resonate. Tool Learn More

Presentation Systems

A pre-made slide system for presentations that impress. Guide Learn More

Presentations Matter

Presentations are a powerful way to spur action. Guide Learn More

Motivating Story Types to Guide Your Team

Stories can motivate and warn during change initiatives. Guide Learn More

Roadmap for Impactful Events

Produce events that engage, entertain, and spur action. Guide Learn More

The Power of a Great Sales Presentation

Why using modular sales presentations helps close deals. Guide Learn More

10 Tips For Powerful, Persuasive Presentations

Craft presentations that move audiences and change minds. Guide Learn More

Webinars & Videos

Webinar: The New Hybrid Meeting

Fundamentals for equitable and engaging hybrid meetings. deck Learn More

Webinar: Influence Through Visual Storytelling

Think, speak, and work like a designer. deck Learn More

Webinar: Master the Skill of Virtual Presentations

Inspire action from online audiences. Webinar Learn More

Webinar: Leading Virtual Meetings

As the leader of a virtual meeting, you have an important responsibility. Here are some techniques we use to make our virtual meetings run smoothly. Webinar Learn More

Webinar: Step Up Your Virtual Setup

Appearing like a pro at home is tough. Discover a simple checklist that will help improve your virtual presence and boost your credibility. Webinar Learn More

Webinar: Facilitating Virtual Collaboration

Duarte design leaders bring you through the inner-workings of the creative engine that produces some of the best ideas on earth. Webinar Learn More

Webinar: Delivering Dynamic Virtual Presentations

Pop your content, design, and delivery by making it easy to understand and engaging, and we bet you’ll be the virtual presenter your audience rememb... Webinar Learn More

Webinar: Cut Through the Noise

Learn to design slides for the online audience, tips for maintaining audience focus, and how to avoid causing visual distraction. Webinar Learn More

Webinar: Get More From Your Virtual Platform

Does your virtual meeting or webinar platform matter? Definitely. And you’re probably not using your current platform to its fullest capability. Webinar Learn More

Webinar: Crafting Content for Virtual Communication

We may not be able to eliminate distractions for our virtual audience, but we can grab their attention using smart and unexpected content. Webinar Learn More

DataStory: Q&A with Nancy Duarte

Exploring data is only the first step. Your insights won’t get you very far if you can’t explain them. Webinar Learn More

Nancy’s TEDx Talk

Secrets of the world’s most powerful, persuasive presenters. Video Learn More

Top Delivery Struggles Speakers Face & How to Combat Them Expertly

Learn specific tools for better delivery. Webinar Learn More

Persuading Your Audience Through Story

Learn about the power of story to change the way people think, feel, and act.  Webinar Learn More

Communicating Change in Turbulent Times

Learn how you can use story structure to effectively communicate change. Webinar Learn More

The Power of Visual Thinking

Learn to accelerate your career by thinking like a designer. Webinar Learn More

Virtual Communication for Educators

Help students clearly understand what you’re communicating across the virtual divide. Webinar Learn More

Virtual Communication: Presenting with Empathy

Learn to connect with your audience even when you’re presenting remotely during challenging times. Webinar Learn More

VisualStory: A Deep-Dive Q&A

Your questions on implementing story and design in your presentations—answered. Webinar Learn More

From Stage Fright to Stage Presence

Even the most experienced speakers get nervous. It’s a natural part of caring about your audience. Video Learn More

The Future of Presentations

As an executive leader, good communication skills can make or break you. Webinar Learn More

Persuasive Visual Storytelling

Tell an effective visual story in a presentation. Webinar Learn More

Beyond the Cluttered Slide

Rules to create precise and powerful presentation slides. Webinar Learn More

Vision Talk with Nancy Duarte

How vision speeches inspire action during change initiatives. Webinar Learn More

Get Ready to Deliver: A Deep-Dive Q&A

Your questions on presentation preparation and delivery—answered. Webinar Learn More

Nail Your Next Talk

How to craft, rehearse and deliver compelling talks. Webinar Learn More

Get Ready to Deliver Your Presentation

Learn Duarte’s own methodology for delivering winning talks. Webinar Learn More

Sparking And Sustaining Change

How effective leaders use communication tools during change. Webinar Learn More

The Science + Secrets of Impactful Events

How to produce events that come to life. Webinar Learn More

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Nancy Duarte

Nancy believes in the power of the spoken word to move mountains and move people. Her talks help audiences empathize and communicate by using story principles. View Profile

Patti Sanchez

Patti helps leaders understand the inner workings of the human mind and heart. Then, she uses that knowledge to craft narratives that cut through the clutter and resonate on a deep level. View Profile

Doug Neff

Doug looks at every presentation as an opportunity to change someone’s life. His talks inspire communicators of all kinds to find new levels of creativity in their own work. View Profile

Ryan Orcutt

Ryan deeply understands the power of presentation design—he invites his audiences to imagine bigger possibilities, higher impact presentations, and designing with passion. View Profile
Duarte and Sanchez give us the unique concept that our company’s change and growth have the structure of epic drama; we make our stories through working out our difficulties.”
Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation Studios & Walt Disney Animation Studios, & author of Creativity, Inc

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