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Communicate organizational change

Lead organizational transformation

Drive change with an audience-centered communication strategy that sparks and sustains action.

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Most businesses today are undergoing transformation

While change may be clearly good for the business, people in the business must be persuaded it’s good for them, too.

Driving organizational transformation is tough because change is scary to most people. Many employees, clients, and team members react by expressing discomfort, doubt, or outright resistance.

To overcome their fear and skepticism, people need to feel hopeful that the outcome will be positive for them even when the path ahead may be murky. This requires authentic, emotional, audience-centric communication. This is the power of storytelling.

Based on Illuminate, the award-winning book by Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez, this workshop will equip you to communicate in a way that sparks and sustains change. We’ll explore the story structure inherent in every change journey, reveal tools your teams can use to communicate through the journey, and help you recall and share your change stories.

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Ways to learn

Learning formats for your change management training

Whether in person or live online, these workshops provide facilitated discussion, small group collaboration, and hands-on practice to refine your skills and encourage successful change management.

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Live online workshop


  • Spread over two days, with two 90-minute sessions each day
  • One 30-minute break per day
  • Physical or digital kit

Dates: July 30-31 or September 26-27

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In-person workshop


  • One day, packed with four 90-minute sessions
  • Three 15-minute breaks and 45-minute lunch
  • Physical kit

Dates: Coming soon
Location: Duarte HQ in Santa Clara, CA

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Course overview

A guide to audience-centered communication

  • Understand the journey of change and the role story plays in it
  • Empathetically understand what people need to hear from you
  • Identify the right types of communication to pull on in a particular moment
  • Infuse speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols into your change management communication

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The cover of the Illuminate book, workbook, journal, and course overview.

Course agenda

Four sections to better your communication strategy

Module one

The role of storytelling

Establish the connection between stories and change.

  • An introduction to Illuminate™
  • Learn the shape of change, the Venture Scape™
  • Define the hero of your change journey
Module two

Moments and movements

Learn how to transform your ideas, effectively tell your story, and move your audience.

  • Torchbearer’s Toolkit™
  • Learn to use stories, speeches, ceremonies, and symbols to connect with your audience
  • Map your audience along the Venture Scape™
Module three

Audience empathy

Learn to cultivate empathy when talking to multiple audiences and practice in small groups.

  • Understand your audience
  • Segment your audience for effective communication
  • Define what your audience needs to hear
Module four

Communication planning

Plan your communication throughout your change journey using a mix of speeches, stories, and ceremonies.

  • Plan your communication
  • Recall and detail stories to help convey a lesson
  • Collaborate to deepen your change journey

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Upcoming dates and details

Neora Myrow

Instructor highlight

Neora Myrow, Senior Facilitator and Speaker Coach​

Dr. Neora Myrow specializes in working with executive top tier programs and top talent programs for the world’s most loved brands, and has a reputation for creating magical classroom experiences. Hollywood born, Neora’s career took her from script doctoring and story development, through to a doctorate in psychology, into ghost writing and consulting on the agency side, and ultimately into organizational teaching and development.

Hear from previous Illuminate™ learners

Here’s what past participants had to say about this workshop.

“The title of the workshop is so appropriate – it was absolutely illuminating – it was a great reminder about the power of stories, ceremonies, symbols, and how important it is to practice storytelling to create micro and macro memorable moments!”

“This workshop was incredibly valuable and directly applicable to my day-to-day work. The concepts of utilizing ceremonies/symbols more effectively really stuck with me. Also audience segmentation! HUGE!”

“Duarte Illuminate is a great learning experience! Great tools and novel approaches to inspiring and leading change in a complex environment.”

“Top-notch Duarte workshop … the content will make any leader, change practitioner, or budding storyteller better at their craft. Applying the learnings in this session will make you a more effective communicator, leader, and student of humanity.”

“[Duarte’s Illuminate workshop] teaches people how to build their own impactful stories … has great content, pacing, and participant engagement … it’s a sure bet for any business who wants to empower its people to influence, teach, and inspire.”

“We’ve all seen change efforts that have gone sideways. Illuminate gives refreshing ‘how-to’s’ for guiding people through change with effectiveness and empathy.”

“The workshop inspired me to drive meaningful change in my organization through strategic narrative, storytelling and empathetic communications. I left feeling recharged and ready to make a difference in my work.”

“I am 100% confident that I am better prepared to inspire my team and customers to take measured risks that will benefit all, through innovative changes in service offerings and customer results.”

“Very inspiring sessions and it made me think about the ways that we communicate with the audience. I am so happy that I joined.”

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