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Team communication training

Build a team of game-changing communicators

Achieve higher performance by upskilling your team on written, oral, and visual communication. From individual contributors to your C-suite, we have transformative communication training for every role and every department.

Multiple courses, 3 flexible ways to learn

Whether you’re looking for presentation writing, design, delivery, or leadership courses, you can empower your team with Duarte team development courses. Work with us to design a learning journey that changes behavior and fits your culture and needs. Our courses are designed for a variety of learning formats and lengths, and can have special touches for teams of any size.

Live online

Experience virtual training classroom instruction, discussion, and interaction live from your desktop.

In person

Visit Duarte HQ or bring us onsite for a team training or custom workshop.

On demand

Learn on your own, with a self-paced, online course perfectly-sized for you!

Cloudflare custom learning journey

Featured case study

Cloudflare invests in sales leaders to increase revenue

When Cloudflare wanted to scale from a $1B to a $5B company, they knew they needed to upskill their sales team to take it up a notch. They chose Duarte for their communication training.

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What does your team get out of communication skills training?

Results. The proof comes from your peers.

9 9 /10

Attendees recommend Duarte

You can’t please everyone, but we’re pretty close — we think you’ll see why right away.

9 9 .5/10

Average facilitator score

You’ll get world-class instructors who have been vetted by your peers time and time again.

9 9 /10

Boost job performance

Attendees rated Duarte workshops as an excellent use of time and as positively impacting their workplace performance.

Team training benefits

You can build a game-changing team of effective communicators, leaders, and change makers.

  • Establish a common language for faster decision-making
  • Build a unified, repeatable process for communication
  • Break down silos to improve collaboration and project management
  • Develop leaders who can drive and support change
  • Boost team culture and support employee retention
  • Create a lasting impression on customers and clients
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Make effective communication skills your competitive advantage

Outperform competitors and increase team member productivity with The Duarte Method™. Our training is rooted in over 35 years of communication research and client work for the world’s highest performing brands and leaders.

Create a better, more change-resilient team

Improve your team’s conflict resolution skills and your ability to lead organizational transformation with leadership training and team building opportunities.

Increase engagement and employee retention

Build effective team communication skills and improve your business culture, employee engagement and performance. Research shows that companies with effective communication plans experience a 4.5x increase in employee retention.

Duarte team training offerings

In person, live online, or on demand, Duarte team training and learning plans will empower your team.

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Presentation writing

Learn how to apply story structure and use storytelling principles to arrange your ideas and data into persuasive, effective presentations.

Presentation Principles™
Learn presentation basics
Available on demand

Duarte DataStory®
Tell stories using data storytelling
Available live online and in person

Craft a persuasive talk
Available live online, in person, and on demand

Structure and storyboard a talk
Available live online and in person

A person sits at a computer while editing presentation slides.

Slide and document design

Even if you’re not a designer, you can turn your messages into powerful, memorable visuals and create clear, effective slides and documents that amplify your ideas.

Slide Design
Build effective slides
Available on demand

Turn ideas into visuals
Available live online and in person

Create “skimmable” documents
Available on demand

A woman leads a talk while in front a presentation screen.

Presentation delivery

Rehearse your talk and become a more poised, polished, and persuasive speaker with our confidence-boosting, expert instruction and feedback.

Improve your public speaking
Available live online and in person

Presenting Virtually™
Master presenting online
Available on demand

Speaker Coaching
Personalized help for speakers
Available live online

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Connection and leadership

Listen and respond to the needs of others and develop effective communication strategies that empathetically support teams through change.

Adaptive Listening™
Improve listening skills and build trust and traction
Available live online and in person

Drive strategic change
Available live online and in person

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Scale your reach

Train your trainers

Duarte’s instructor-led workshops can be licensed for training by your own in-house facilitators. Want to learn more about our train-the-trainer partnership?

Speak with our experts

Hear from previous Duarte learners

“One of the best workshops I have ever done, and the presenter never had me wishing I was somewhere else! Great course.“

Would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their presentation skills – at any level of experience. The hands-on coaching received was invaluable and my team members are now feeling very prepared to get on stage at an upcoming event!

“Before this workshop I knew I needed to improve my storytelling skills, but didn’t know how to do it other than trial and error. But now I have real steps to take and feel like I took leaps ahead in my presentation muscles.“

“This was probably the best workshop I have attended. I really liked using an actual work challenge so that I could really apply my learnings and implement.”

“Duarte Illuminate is a great learning experience! Great tools and novel approaches to inspiring and leading change in a complex environment.”

“This method is like a recipe … add layers to spice up the story so that you create impact. Super helpful and I’m so glad I invested in the time to learn more about this technique. I am already applying it to my next presentation!”

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Accessibility first

Great communicators empathize with their audience. And there’s nothing more empathetic than ensuring every audience member can understand and engage with your message, regardless of their ability. ​Our offerings transform the way people communicate. That’s why accessibility is a core tenet of the Duarte Academy®.

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Personalize your training

Create customized training packages

Improve team communication skills, encourage team collaboration, and build relationships with customized training packages.

Are you ready to empower your team? We’ll build a unique package of complementary courses that match your goals.

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