Inspire your buyers to act

Move people from idea to decisions. Let us help equip sales with stories and presentations that soar.

Communicate clarity

Structure ideas to improve understanding.

Transcend the pitch

Connect human to human.

Make them believe

Engage and inspire with story.

Why sales enablement?

Sharpen your strategy to address sales prospects’ needs.

Facilitate strategic alignment among sales and marketing stakeholders.

Root your sales conversations in empathy for the buyer.

Tap into the emotive power of story to persuade.

Deliver more impactful presentations to help buyers advance.

Empower your sales team with coaching to become more influential speakers.


Core story presentations

Executive briefing center shows

Sales kick-off presentations

Product and industry stories

Template development

Narrative sparks

Sales story critiques

Great talks start with empathy

Move your audience by understanding their needs

Helping Al Gore ignite a movement

When the former Vice President needed help turning climate research into a message the world needed to hear, Duarte was there to help. The result: A presentation that became an Oscar winning film which energized the environmental movement.

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