How to accelerate company growth with a story-driven sales deck

Elevate your organization's sales game. Hear how Veeam Software equipped their sales teams for success with the help of Duarte.

Becky Bausman

Becky Bausman

Chief Customer Officer

Craft compelling sales pitches and gain alignment

Are you looking for a way to make your sales decks more effective and engaging? You’re not alone!

When the high-growth technology company Veeam Software wanted to grow its enterprise sales, they turned to Duarte for help. Partnering with Veeam’s revenue acceleration team, we crafted powerful messages and impactful slides to help their reps deliver highly persuasive pitches to enterprise buyers.

To discover how you, too, can scale-up your sales with storytelling, watch our on-demand webinar: How to accelerate company growth with a story-driven sales deck. In this info-packed session, Misha Rangel of Veeam Software shares how she partnered with Duarte to craft successful enterprise sales enablement materials.

Joined by Duarte’s Anne Marie Rhoades and Becky Bausman, you’ll learn tips and techniques on how to:

  • Understand the essential story elements required for a great sales pitch
  • Train your organization to rely on feature-dumping less
  • Identify how to align sales, marketing, and product on a story that drives revenue
  • Cascade a new story and sales deck across an enterprise quickly

This panel discussion runs for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

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