Shape your ideas into persuasive narratives using the principles of empathy, story, contrast, and variety.

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  • Analyze your audience so you can deliver value, even when they resist
  • Clarify the core of your idea
  • Create supporting content with the story structure used by history’s greatest communicators
  • Distill and communicate complex ideas with clarity

You spend weeks gathering information. Quotes, facts, rationale—everything you think you need to make your point. You spend even more time putting that information onto slides. Then you stand up in the conference room, click through your deck, shake some hands and…thud…nothing happens. Your idea seems to fizzle away, despite your big effort.

Ideas have the potential to create a groundswell but often we give presentations that fail to engage and inspire action. Why? Because we miss the opportunity to use the power of story to move our audiences.

We’ve found that influential presentations use story principles. This course will reshape the way you develop content, using story structure and audience empathy. After all, it’s not about building presentations—it’s about building persuasive presentations.

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