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Storytelling training

Learn to structure your ideas into persuasive presentations

Learn how to apply story structure, use storytelling principles, and implement design thinking to arrange your ideas and data into persuasive, impactful, effective presentations that drive results.

Multiple courses, 3 flexible ways to learn

Explore multiple training options to enhance your personal or business storytelling skills. Many learners take more than one.

Live online

Experience virtual training classroom instruction, discussion, and interaction live from your desktop.

In person

Visit Duarte HQ or bring us onsite for a team training or custom workshop.

On demand

Learn on your own, with a self-paced, online course perfectly-sized for you!


Craft a persuasive talk

Learn how the world’s greatest speakers use strategic storytelling to persuade their audience. Develop a story structure that powerfully expresses your ideas, applying the principles of empathy, contrast, and variety.

Live online, in person, or on demand

Resonate® course

VisualStory® – Top course!

Structure and storyboard a talk

Analyze your target audience and organize your ideas into a story structure that will move them. Transform content into visual storytelling concepts and build a storyboard for your presentation.

Live online or in person

VisualStory® course

Duarte DataStory® – Top course!

Tell stories using data storytelling

Clarify, explain, and maximize the potential of your data with strategic storytelling training. Use story structure to create clear executive summaries that fuel understanding, support decision making and drive action.

Live online or in person

Duarte DataStory® course

Presentation Principles™

Learn presentation skill basics

Follow a step-by-step method to write compelling stories, amplify ideas visually, and present with confidence while learning at your own pace.

On demand only

Presentation Principles™ course

Hear from previous storytelling training learners

“One of the best workshops I have ever done, and the presenter never had me wishing I was somewhere else! Great course.“

“This training allowed me to take a holistic view of what message I was trying to convey and organize it in a way that would most resonate with my intended audience.”

“The VisualStory workshop was a great experience for our team. The facilitator was engaging and fun. We applied the information immediately to our presentations. Thank you to Duarte for excellent content that we will be using for years to come.”

“Before this workshop I knew I needed to improve my storytelling skills, but didn’t know how to do it other than trial and error. But now I have real steps to take and feel like I took leaps ahead in my presentation muscles.“

“The flow of the training makes it very much practical and easy to implement. The quality, the dynamism, and the expertise of the facilitator made it seamless and inspiring.”

“This course provided a map for making the journey with the audience to promote, motivate, and inspire towards new ideas!“

Personalize your training

Create customized training packages

Employ communication strategies that strengthen influence and impact, drive decision-making, and support organizational culture. Create a package of corporate training solutions that can fit a team of any size.

Are you ready to empower your team? We’ll build a unique package of complementary courses that match your goals.

Explore learning journeys

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10 or more on your team?

Schedule a chat on our Training Concierge’s calendar, we can answer questions, build packages, and set up training based on your team’s availability.