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Creative leave-behinds

Create skimmable visual documents with Slidedocs®

In this 90-minute, on-demand course, you will learn how to create simple, easy-to-read “leave-behinds” or “pre-reads” with presentation software.

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Create the fuel to help your ideas spread like wildfire

You have a great idea, and you need your customers, co-workers, or a potential client to get on board. But your plan is too complicated for an email, and you know almost no one is reading a long-form report or promotional item.

In a fast-paced world where attention spans are shrinking, how do you gain someone’s interest and persuade them, without being in the room?

Slidedocs® are skimmable, visual documents that powerfully deliver your most important ideas. They are ideal for creating pre-reads or leave-behinds for your most important conversations. A comprehensive Slidedoc™ will leave a good impression and help you connect with a client or potential customer. And when Slidedocs® are done well, they can be the fuel to help your ideas spread like wildfire.

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This on-demand course provides informational lessons, quizzes, and hands-on practice to hone your skills and leave a lasting impression. Learn a better way to communicate your ideas.

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On-demand course


  • 1 hour 30 minute average completion time
  • 90 days to complete after enrollment
  • 58 video lessons
  • Online lectures, quizzes, and exercises

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Course overview

Slidedocs® provide a better way to communicate your ideas

  • Persuade your audience, even when you’re not in the room, by combining powerful visuals and prose
  • Adapt live presentation slides into stunning leave-behinds that fully explain your message
  • Create magazine-like reading experiences, even if you’re not a designer
  • Access templates you can customize to match your brand’s look and feel

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Course agenda

Master creative leave-behinds and pre-reads

Module one

Write a Slidedoc™

The first session of this training is focused on writing clear content with your target audience in mind, whether they are a client, potential employer, coworker, or supervisor.

  • Start with your audience’s needs
  • Form The Big Idea™
  • Block out your content
  • Enhance your outline
  • Write clear slide content
Module two

Encourage brand awareness

Your leave-behind should be tailored to your company, brand, or product. Learn how to customize your template to better represent you.

  • Customize a Slidedoc™ template
  • Change colors and backgrounds
  • Add a company logo to the cover page
  • Make additional changes to the slide master
  • Change the fonts
  • Update images and icons
  • Add contact information
Module three

Share and distribute a Slidedoc™

Learn the best practices for sharing your Slidedoc™ with your audience.

  • Print it
  • Project it
  • Post it
  • Send it
Module four

Finalizing the process

Summarize all that you’ve learned and discover how to continue using Slidedocs® in your day-to-day.

  • Embed a Slidedoc™ into a presentation
  • Create a Slidedoc™ template using the Notes Master in PowerPoint

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Nancy Duarte

Instructor highlight

Nancy Duarte, CEO and Author

Nancy Duarte is CEO and author of six best-selling books. She is a communication expert who has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and more. She is the #3 Global Communication Guru, and her videos are baked into lectures at both Harvard and Stanford University, while her books are used at almost every top business school in the world.

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Here’s what past participants had to say about this workshop.

“Everything was amazing. The most impactful and novel info for me was how to work within the notes page view to embed a slidedoc into a presentation.“

“Thank you for such a ​good course, with excellent on-screen demonstrations, recaps, resources, and beautiful templates for this innovative business communication tool.“

“Loved it! Good structure, digestible pieces of content, lots of tips and tricks. I especially loved the case studies and the wrap up at the end of each section.“

“Very good foundational course. Very useful and valuable. I always learn when studying Duarte’s content.“

“Now I have the skills to create a Slidedoc with confidence! I have known about Slidedocs for years but only now feel like I have gained the necessary skills to put one together at the level I have desired. Thank you!“

“Such a helpful way to avoid death by Powerpoint! I have already created a few Slidedocs that received a fantastic response.“

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