Slidedocs® templates

3 free unique PowerPoint® templates, including customizable slides and graphic toolkits.

Slidedocs® are designed for the way we communicate today: quickly and asynchronously.

A Slidedoc™ is a visual document intended to be read and referenced instead of projected and presented. Slidedocs® work for a variety of communication scenarios, like meeting pre-reads and leave-behinds. When you need something more than an email, but less than a presentation, Slidedocs® are your go-to.

Access the free download for 3 customizable Slidedoc™ templates. Each file is set up to contain the right amount of information to white space ratio for quick processing. With these templates, you’ll wow recipients with your easily consumable communications, and spread your ideas with ease!

Each Slidedoc™ template contains:

  • Access to standard, impact, and section layouts
  • Guidance on organizing data and displaying diagrams
  • Access to a graphic toolkit
  • Access to free, custom slides

Download 3 Slidedoc™ templates