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Slide and document design

Communicate your ideas with impact

Learn how to create clear and persuasive presentations with Duarte slide and document design courses. Our coursework will help you build an effective slide deck, turn your ideas into visuals, and create skimmable documents to support quick decision making.

Multiple courses, 3 flexible ways to learn

We offer multiple training options and classes to enhance your document and slide design skills. Receive expert advice on data visualization, helpful document templates, presentation design tips, and more. Many learners take more than one course!

Live online

Experience virtual training classroom instruction, discussion, and interaction live from your desktop.

In person

Visit Duarte HQ or bring us onsite for a team training or custom workshop.

On demand

Learn on your own, with a self-paced, online course perfectly-sized for you!


Turn ideas into visuals

Bringing together compelling content with engaging visual elements is a powerful way to move an audience. The Slide:ology® workshop helps you get better at using visual thinking and design principles to transform information into effective and memorable graphics for presentations. It’s not about pretty pictures; it’s about persuasive visual communication.

Live online or in person

Slide:ology® course

Slide Design

Build effective slides

Discover the theory behind great presentation design, then gain the skills to make it happen. In this 90-minute online course, you’ll learn the proven Duarte Method™ for visual design, plus Microsoft PowerPoint® tips and tricks for faster and more beautiful slide layout design. Create attractive slide decks using PowerPoint® presentation software, even if you’re not a designer. Our training, tips, and tricks will help you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

On demand

Slide Design course


Create “skimmable” documents

In a fast-paced world where attention spans are shrinking, how do you gain someone’s interest and persuade them, without being in the room? Slidedocs® are skimmable, visual documents that powerfully deliver your most important ideas. They are ideal for creating pre-reads or leave-behinds for your most important conversations with easy readability in mind. With this course, you’ll receive slide template options you can customize to match your brand’s look and feel.

On demand

Slidedocs® course

Hear from previous slide and document design learners

“Duarte’s Slide:ology was an eye opener to me as a designer. Even though I knew some of the concepts, the session provided a structure to those and how I can apply them in my work. … Great value for the time which I had spent in this session.”

“The concepts I learned in this class are directly applicable to the work I do. Implementing what I learned will help me be more strategic in planning and creating my presentations, so I can better communicate what I actually want my audience to hear.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Slide Design course. The SPACE concept provided a clear framework for deck-building. Overall, the course enriched my approach to slide design, emphasizing strategic planning for impactful communication. Highly recommended!”

“The tools and tips I’ve learned in this course are 100% effective at helping me create meaningful slides. As a result, I am more productive and efficient with slide communications.”

“Thank you for such a ​good course, with excellent on-screen demonstrations, recaps, resources, and beautiful templates for this innovative business communication tool.“

“Instead of reading all the information and then losing the enthusiasm or trial energy in a busy work life, you can directly use what you learn and get answers for your questions and feedback on what you do, interactively at this workshop!.”

Personalize your training

Create customized training packages

Employ document and design strategies that communicate ideas with impact, strengthen influence, drive decision-making, and improve presentations and company culture. Create a package of corporate training solutions that can fit a team of any size.

Are you ready to empower your team? We’ll build a unique package of complementary courses that match your goals.

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