The Glance Test™

Your audience should be able to understand the main point of your slide in 3 seconds or less. Quickly test your slide's glance-power with this free tool.

You need a well-designed slide to command attention and communicate complex thoughts at the first glance. It’s a powerful moment—one that delivers the full punch of your meaning, without ever shifting attention away from the presenter.

We created a tool that lets you quickly measure the glance-power of your slide. If you use this test regularly, creating slides that speak boldly will become second nature.

This free tool will help you:

  • Make sure your audience can discern the meaning of your slides in three seconds or less
  • Focus on a single, precise point on each slide and stop muddling your message
  • Arrange your design elements so that people easily see your point
  • Apply contrast and whitespace to emphasize the most important info
  • Use the principles of unity and flow to make your slide easy to read
  • Confirm that the arrangement of design elements on your slides enables comprehension
  • Choose the visuals that highlight your slide’s main point and reduce noise

Download The Glance Test™