Slide Design

Put design theory into practice to build attractive and effective slides using presentation software. A 90-minute, on-demand course.

Ways to learn
  • Bring polish and professionalism to your presentations by leveraging design principles
  • Work faster and save time using hidden tricks and features
  • Improve visual communication by designing slides that direct the audience’s attention
  • Reduce the stress and frustration that comes from combining existing decks, or starting from scratch

Have you ever worked on a presentation for hours, only to be unhappy with the final product? Or cobbled together a deck from messy slides provided by half a dozen colleagues? Visually presenting your ideas through PowerPoint is an expectation for nearly everyone today. But very few of us feel entirely comfortable using this critical communication tool.

Discover the theory behind great presentation design, then gain the skills to make it happen. In the Slide Design online course, you’ll learn our proven method for visual design, plus PowerPoint® tips and tricks for faster and more beautiful slide design. Create professional-looking slides for your boss, colleagues, or clients.

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