Elevate your narrative with Duarte DataStory®

Data storytelling training

Harness the power of data storytelling to communicate insights effectively

Employ data storytelling techniques to distill key insights from data and shape them into clear, actionable recommendations that speed up decision-making processes. Master the art of transforming complex data points into compelling stories that drive action.


The vital role of data storytelling in today’s business landscape

Data-related roles are the third fastest growing occupation according to research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet, hiring data-savvy employees doesn’t always translate into results.

The missing link? The ability to communicate data effectively and turn raw data into actionable insights.

Our Duarte DataStory® training teaches a research-based methodology for explaining data in a way that moves people to action. This isn’t just about data analysis or data visualization – it’s about mastering presentation skills to deliver persuasive data communication.


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Course overview

Transform your data into a compelling narrative

  • Present data as a recommendation that motivates clients and stakeholders to act
  • Utilize data storytelling techniques to present data in a way that decision-makers can easily understand and approve
  • Institute a common “data language” and methodology to increase decision-making speed across your organization
  • Maximize the potential of your data by crafting a data story that resonates

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Ways to learn

Learning formats for your data storytelling training

Whether in person or online, these workshops provide facilitated discussion, small group collaboration, and hands-on practice to refine your recommendation.


Live online workshop

$990 per person

  • Spread over two days, with two 90-minute sessions each day
  • One 30-minute break per day
  • Physical or digital kit

In-person workshop

$990 per person

  • One day, packed with four 90-minute sessions
  • Three 15-minute breaks and a 45-minute lunch
  • Physical kit


Take the first steps to achieving data storytelling mastery over four sessions

Synthesis and empathy

  • Become fluent in the Language of Data™
  • Write clear observations and chart titles to explain data insights
  • Synthesize insights and empathize with decision makers

Crafting recommendations

  • Strengthen strategic actions
  • Learn to articulate your recommendation as a Big Idea™
  • Write an executive summary structured in three acts

Organizing thoughts

  • Utilize Story Thinking™ to create persuasive recommendations
  • Define the “What, Why, and How” of your recommendation
  • Contrast with counter arguments to support your data story

Visualizing data

  • Learn how to make data visualization stick in the audience’s mind
  • Overlay annotation and sketch hierarchy for clarity
  • Translate your recommendations into persuasive Slidedocs®

Transform your data into decisions

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Train your team

Customized learning journeys for teams from 10 to 1000s. Perfect for honing data storytelling and analysis skills across your organization.

Train yourself

Enroll in our public Duarte courses. Perfect for individual data scientists, analysts, and others looking to improve their data storytelling skills and presentation capabilities.

Explore our related courses

Engage in continuous learning with our other workshops.

Secure your professional growth with data storytelling training

Advance your career by learning to craft data stories that can change the course of your business decisions. Enroll now and take the first step toward becoming an influential data storyteller.