Increase your confidence and elevate your presence with live online instruction, practice, and feedback.

Coaching packages
  • Create audience-centered messaging, improve storytelling structure, and find compelling contrast to make your ideas stick
  • Become a more comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic speaker
  • Leverage your speaking strengths, identify areas of improvement, set specific goals, and apply the proven Duarte Method™ to guarantee long-term success

Are you having difficulty moving your audiences to action? Have you ever wanted to run your presentation by someone before getting in front of your audience? Do you thrive on specific personalized feedback?

Great athletes have coaches. Great executives have coaches. Working with a Duarte Speaker Coach can help you level up as a speaker. Whether you’re looking for a few rehearsals or to transform your communication skills, we have a Speaker Coaching package for you.

Speaker Coaching

Our one-on-one speaker coaching can help you show up strong and master any high-stakes moment. Choose from one month, three month, or six month packages.

Rehearse - 1 month
$1,895Enroll now

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Refine - 3 months
$3,295Enroll now

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Transform - 6 months
$6,195Enroll now

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