Salesforce – Bringing Einstein to life

Industry type: Technology

Salesforce is the world’s leader in CRM software. Dreamforce – their global family reunion for all Salesforce customers, partners, and employees – gathers millions of people each year to celebrate stories of success and innovative ideas. When it came time to unveil an especially innovative addition to the platform, Duarte provided the presentation help needed to delight the audience in a creative way.

The opportunity

In 2016, Marc Benioff’s Dreamforce keynote was set to be the medium for unveiling Einstein, Salesforce’s new AI engine designed to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. While the audience has come to expect Benioff’s keynote to reveal something new, Salesforce wanted to maintain an element of surprise.

How we helped

Duarte decided to bring Einstein to life. Using a variety of presentation techniques, Einstein traveled throughout Salesforce’s existing marketecture revealing how he becomes everyone’s personal data scientist, delivering a highly personalized customer experience.

How we changed the world

More than 15M people attended Dreamforce that year. By helping Benioff clearly and creatively communicate the benefit of Einstein, we helped Salesforce reduce the time it took companies to maximize the benefits of Einstein.


Unveil Salesforce’s new AI engine in a creative way.


Use a variety of presentation techniques to bring Einstein to life.


15M Dreamforce attendees were both delighted and informed.


  • Brand and product storytelling
  • Event support

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