Crafting an unforgettable keynote for HubSpot’s INBOUND

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Project background

There are no higher stakes for HubSpot than the annual, customer-focused INBOUND event. When INBOUND 2022 rolled around, a C-suite leader sought help crafting a cohesive, compelling, unforgettable keynote for the main stage. This keynote speaker partnered with Duarte as his storytelling sounding board and design dream team. The resulting keynote was so well-received that fellow executives demanded the opportunity to partner with Duarte for the next INBOUND event.



The results

Using a simple dot to create an engaging presentation

Our design team developed a visual identity for this presentation using a simplistic dot as the focal point. And that dot did a lot of heavy lifting. As the dot morphed and changed from one moment to the next, it not only crisply and clearly illustrated key messages, but provided a through line that kept the virtual audience engaged the entire time.

In addition to design, Duarte’s content developers helped this executive refine his existing keynote speech. When it comes to a high-stakes moment, brainstorming the most audience-centric way to say things is a key ingredient in delivering a memorable keynote speech.