The Duarte Method™

Our time-tested framework, powered by empathy, has driven the communication success of leading global brands for three decades. How can we help you?

Why Empathy?

When you communicate from a place of empathy, it builds trust, establishes mutual understanding, and strengthens human connection.

The Duarte Method™ places empathy at the heart of strategy, story, visuals, and delivery. We help people and brands connect, inspire, and mobilize action.

An empathy-first strategy, market-facing narrative and systemic culture will help you lead your market. Learn more about our method below or reach out to connect with our team.

Market-leading strategy, presentation development, design & coaching


We’ve spent decades studying how to start and lead a movement. This fuels our ability to craft persuasive strategies and talks that inspire people to join you on a journey – and stay with you – until it’s time to celebrate victory.


The world’s greatest communicators leverage stories to win hearts and minds. Duarte uniquely harnesses story structure and the principles of storytelling for business –  bringing ideas to life, speeding decision-making, and achieving goals quickly.


Our process starts by applying visual thinking to craft clear, beautiful, and “sticky” messages.  We then create impactful visuals, compelling slides and “skimmable” documents that maximize the medium and reinforce (rather than distract from) your key messages.


Nail your next talk, pitch, or presentation by communicating with a greater level of comfort, presence, and polish. Duarte speaker training and coaching tap into your passion, helping you connect, motivate and inspire audiences from any stage or room.

Clients we serve

Cisco, Qualcomm, Apple, VmWare, Salesforce, Snap, Inc., Adobe, Microsoft logos
Cisco, Qualcomm, Apple, VmWare, Salesforce, Snap, Inc., Adobe, Microsoft logos


Salesforce:  Bringing Einstein to life

When the world’s largest SaaS company needed help showcasing a revolutionary AI technology on their biggest stage, they turned to Duarte for help.

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