Turn your messaging into compelling and persuasive presentations that engage any audience.

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Transform any presentation into an engaging journey

Some presentations touch hearts and change minds, but if you’ve ever sat through a snooze-worthy presentation, you probably realize that there’s art to this type of communication. In Resonate you’ll learn how to leverage techniques normally reserved for cinema and literature to understand your audience and create persuasive content using storytelling principles to elicit a groundswell response.

Nancy Duarte

Chief Executive Officer

What people are saying

“As Nancy Duarte knows better than anyone, it’s not about the slides. This smart, insightful book will teach you how to use the power of story to recast your thinking and reinvigorate your presentations. Resonate is a must-read for anyone who has to stand before an audience and persuade.”

Daniel Pink | Author of DRIVE, WHEN, and A Whole New Mind

“Nancy knows a secret, and she’s not shy about sharing it: if you are intentional about your presentations, if you tell a story on purpose, if you set out to cause the change you say you want, you’ll succeed. This book goes a long way in selling you on making that choice.”

Seth Godin | Speaker, Blogger, Author

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