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For three decades, Duarte has been at the forefront of professional development, helping the world’s leading brands, thought leaders, and rising stars improve their presentation and communication skills. Discover how communication training can elevate your presentation skills.


Exceptional communication training results from participants

Communication skills training consistently achieves remarkable results, as reflected in past participant feedback and industry recognition.


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Cisco, Qualcomm, Apple, VmWare, Salesforce, Snap, Inc., Adobe, Microsoft logos

Effective communication strategies for corporate environments

Develop critical skills that elevate your team’s communication and presentations. Confidence with public speaking, active listening, interpersonal skills, and soft skills are just some of the tools your executives will add to their toolbox.

Employ communication strategies that strengthen influence and impact, drive decision making, and support organizational culture. Create a package of corporate training solutions that can fit a team of any size.

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Courses and workshops

Sharpen your communication style with these courses

Build your communication skills with expert training from Duarte. In-person, live online, and on-demand courses support the needs of individuals and teams of all sizes!

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Accessible training

Committed to inclusive communication

Great communicators empathize with their audience. And there’s nothing more empathetic than ensuring every audience member can understand and engage with your message, regardless of their ability. ​Communication training will transform the way you communicate. That’s why accessibility is a core tenet of the Duarte Academy®.

Case study

Why add storytelling to your brand’s DNA?

When a Fortune 500 financial service provider realized they needed to better connect to their customers, they looked to Duarte for communication training.

Image of an instructor presenting a slide from a presentation who is teaching a Fortune 500 finance company to connect with customers through story.

Ready to elevate your communication skills?

Reach out today for more information on presentation skills training, employee training, negotiation skills, body language signals, team training, and more.

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