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Communication training for everyone

Elevate your presentation and communication skills

Persuasion is the key to entrepreneurial success. That’s why the world’s leading brands, thought leaders, and rising stars keep coming back to Duarte to improve their presentation and communication skills.

What does your team get out of communication skills training?

Results. The proof comes from your peers.

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Purchase a second or third workshop

Our workshops make a difference, which is why 98% of our customers buy from us a second time.

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Average facilitator score

You’ll get world-class instructors who have been vetted by your peers time and time again.

9 9 /10

Boost job performance

Attendees rated Duarte workshops as an excellent use of time and as positively impacting their workplace performance.

Now’s the time to level up your team

Is your team struggling to drive sales? Are presentations made by your leaders falling flat? What do you need to do to bring your team to its highest level?

Learn the value of persuasion by our time-tested courses, based on over 35 years of experience and our research-backed best-selling books. You can begin with individual courses or opt for a comprehensive program targeting a specific area of professional development.

Begin your learning journey by choosing a program that aligns with your goals.

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“One of the best workshops I have ever done, and the presenter never had me wishing I was somewhere else! Great course.“

“This workshop teaches listening skills that will benefit literally everyone. Whether you’re a non-corporate human that interfaces with another or a manager whose job it is to care for a team, this gets to the core of … how we respond to others.”

“This workshop certainly helped my public speaking skillset, but more importantly it helped me feel more confident and comfortable while presenting.”

“The VisualStory workshop was a great experience for our team. The facilitator was engaging and fun. We applied the information immediately to our presentations. Thank you to Duarte for excellent content that we will be using for years to come.”

10 or more on your team?

Schedule a chat on our Training Concierge’s calendar, we can answer questions, build packages, and set up training based on your team’s availability.

Create your story with Duarte

Ready to take your messaging to the next level? Persuasion is the most important tool your business has. Build a culture of communication.

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Why add storytelling to your brand’s DNA?

When Cloudflare wanted to scale from a $1B to a $5B company, they knew they needed to upskill their sales team to take it up a notch. They chose Duarte for their communication training.

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Accessible training

Committed to inclusive communication

Great communicators empathize with their audience. And there’s nothing more empathetic than ensuring every audience member can understand and engage with your message, regardless of their ability. ​Communication training will transform the way you communicate. That’s why accessibility is a core tenet of the Duarte Academy®.