Audience Needs Map™

This free tool gives you 7 steps to better grasp your audience, aiding in crafting presentations that truly connect.

Make a lasting impact on your audience by delivering presentations that matter to them. When you understand what the people in your audience care about, you can really connect, and get them to feel engaged and inspired.

Looking at demographics is a good way to start learning about listeners, but in order to really connect, you need to go deeper. Our Audience Needs Map™ will guide you through seven questions that help you understand your audience on a more intimate and meaningful level, so you can give them the information that they really need (and want) to hear. Make your words resonate.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand what your audience hopes to get out of your presentation, so you can deliver information that engages and satisfies
  • Determine main pain points and offer effective solutions
  • Improve lives with your presentation’s content
  • Deliver information via the appropriate medium and in the most gripping way
  • Overcome obstacles that might keep listeners from wanting to adopt your ideas

Download the Audience Needs Map™