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Engage and inspire with data. Learn how to transform numbers into persuasive narratives to drive action.

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Explain data and drive action through story

Almost every part of an organization today uses data for decision-making. But how effectively is your team using that data to communicate problems or opportunities? Through DataStory, you’ll discover how to explain data through the lens of empathy, so you can transform numbers into persuasive narratives. By learning how to apply story principles to your data, you can communicate essential insights from data to speed up decision-making and influence action.

Meet the authors

Nancy Duarte

Chief Executive Officer

What people are saying

“Technology creates an unprecedented velocity of data today. Communicating data in the form of a story infuses it with meaning and meaning drives action.”

Dr. Jennifer Aaker | General Atlantic Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“In an age where we are overwhelmed with data, telling a compelling data story is hard. What Duarte has done beautifully is help us connect with an audience on a much more meaningful level. It’s a must-read for business storytellers everywhere who want to make a difference in their work.”

Jeremy Waite | Chief Customer Officer at IBM iX

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