What sets a top presentation design agency apart from the rest?

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Not many can create a stunning presentation alone. If this is you, it’s okay to get professionals to step in to lend a helping hand. But where do you start? Do you hire any graphic designer? A presentation design agency? A presentation designer? What’s the difference?

We’re going to cover the differences today to make sure you get the right help for your upcoming big presentation.

What is a presentation design agency?

A presentation design agency is a firm that specializes in delivering stunning, and memorable, presentations. Typically for businesses, they are staffed by world-class talent, usually creatives, who can come in and help clients create impactful and powerful presentations that are custom-built for every scenario and target audience.

Presentation design agencies offer professional services focused on creating visually compelling slide decks, 3D motions and graphics, videos, keynote delivery support, and so much more. When you hire a presentation design agency, you’ll get a team of designers and creatives who all put their heads together to design and produce exceptional presentations.

These agencies work closely with clients to fully comprehend their objectives and their key messages. A typical agency is riddled with expertise in color theory, design principles, layout techniques, and so much more.


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Who typically needs presentation design services?

Presentation design services can be for anyone, especially those who have weak points in story execution or who could use some guidance in their visuals.

Businesses of all sizes, from startups to large companies, need presentation design services for big high stakes moments like product launches, sales enablement decks, investor pitches, executive presentations, internal company decks, conference keynotes, and even tailored marketing campaigns.

Collaborating with highly-specialized creators will not only save you time, but it will also bring you a solid, visually stunning presentation that is powered by the art of story.

What kind of work do presentation design agencies do exactly?

From a design perspective, the goal of every presentation is to dazzle and engage your audience, while still communicating the intended message. If you struggle with this, presentation design agencies can come in and help you design your presentation so it stands out and is memorable.

These agencies offer a range of services that are aimed at creating visually effective presentations for their clients. They work closely with clients to fully understand parameters like:

  • Branding guidelines
  • Tone
  • Audience and message
  • Your key points

And from there, they develop visually appealing slides that effectively communicate your message.

The best presentation design agencies can create custom graphics, icons, illustrations, 3D motion, infographics and more. They are uniquely equipped at clarifying complex information to help make your presentations more memorable.

If you’re more of a DIYer, some presentation design agencies like Duarte offer training and workshops to help clients amplify their presentation and design capabilities on their own. (Because good design should be shared!) You can learn basic design theory from a couple of our on-demand courses. They will help you craft slides with a more persuasive undertone while still making things.


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What if I just need a single presentation designer?

A presentation designer is a singular individual who specializes in, you guessed it, presentation design. Highly effective in Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and other presentation software, they are typically a good choice for smaller companies or individuals who need presentation support, but don’t have a large budget.

The caveat here is you have to find, vet, and hire a presentation designer on your own. And if they can’t offer guarantees on their timelines or show a solid portfolio of their previous work, you might receive a presentation deck that doesn’t deliver a memorable impression.

How to find a presentation designer

You can use freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer to find good presentation design talent across the internet. Browse through a ton of portfolios, reviews, and so on to pick the right candidate for your business presentations moving forward.

You can also check out local design communities like design meetups, networking events, and workshops where you can find talented presentation designers in your area. Networking is an old-school way to meet people you potentially want to work with, and if you’re putting yourself out there, you might find a hidden gem!

You can also travel to schools and universities to find recent graduates and design students. They are looking for experience and will drop everything to prove themselves to a strong company or presentation opportunity.

Of course, if you have the resources, you could bypass all the hustle and bustle of hiring a presentation designer directly by simply working with Duarte. We already have a team of creative presentation designers at the ready for your business presentation needs.

And for what it’s worth, our designers are a part of an exclusive Microsoft PowerPoint focus group. They actually get to beta-test new feature updates and enhancements before they’re ever released, and provide feedback, to the Microsoft PowerPoint development team.

If that’s not a masterful understanding of presentation software, we’re not sure what is.

Pros and cons when working with presentation design companies

Hiring a presentation design agency depends on your specific needs. Let’s jump into the pros for a minute, and dive into the potential benefits of hiring one.

Benefit #1

You get to work with experienced designers who literally specialize in creativity and storytelling. They understand design principles and story techniques to craft the very best presentations out there.

Benefit #2

Presentation design companies have the tools and resources to handle any project, regardless of size. They have the ability to scale their services to fit your needs, whether you’re speaking to a board room or a conference of thousands.

Benefit #3

They offer a plethora of services. This can include things like:

  • Custom design
  • Template creation
  • Multimedia integration
  • Logo creation
  • Content development
  • Animations and transitions
  • And more

Benefit #4

Presentation design agencies live and breathe, presentations! They have streamlined processes and workflows designed to deliver top quality presentations consistently and effectively. They can meet tight deadlines and high expectations, while working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Con #1

When it comes to presentation design agencies, you may run into communication challenges about your project. This is especially apparent if the company is in an entirely new time zone. Clear communication is vital to ensure that project expectations are being met in a timely manner.

Con #2

There may be a limit to how flexible their customization features will be with certain design agencies. If you’re looking for more unconventional requirements for your project, there might be resistance, or extra fees associated.

Con #3

Lack of budget. Hiring a presentation design agency brings a much higher price tag than if you were to just hire a single presentation designer. But again, you get what you pay for. You might luck out and find a diamond in the rough of a presentation designer. But if you’re at a company with a high-stakes presentation coming up, and you have the resources to do it well, choosing a presentation design agency lets you get multiple presentation designers, but with a guarantee that work will be top notch and highly-tailored to your needs and audience.

Don’t just hire any presentation design agency

You don’t want to wing it when it comes to deciding which presentation design agency is right for you, after all, Duarte is considered the storytelling agency in Silicon Valley.

We’ve helped so many incredible companies reach their yearly goals. For over 35 + years we’ve helped Fortune 100 companies like Salesforce, Apple, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Visa … just to name a few. If you’re ready to tackle cinematic presentation design, strategic content development, or even presentation coaching, talk with our team today about our presentation design agency services.


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