Image showing Duarte Slide:ology courseware

Slide:ology® workshop overview

Use visual thinking and design principles ​to transform information into effective and memorable graphics for presentations.​

Most of us aren’t designers, yet we create presentations all the time. When we design slides, we can fall into classic traps — from overusing bullet points and cramming multiple ideas on one slide to using lots of colors, shapes, and fonts. When presenting to an audience, these slides often fail to convey what we most need the audience to know.

We blame PowerPoint® when we wind up with cluttered unattractive slides, but presentation software is just a vehicle for our communication. We forget that it’s our job to communicate our ideas, yet our visuals that obscure that idea, because visual expression isn’t easy or intuitive. We may not have learned it in school but thinking visually is crucial in persuasive communication.

Bringing together compelling content with engaging visuals is a powerful way to move an audience. The Slide:ology® workshop helps you get better at the visual part. It’s not about pretty pictures, it’s about persuasive visual communication.

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