Sales enablement refresh: Abbott Diabetes Care’s secret to more meetings

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Workshop facilitator delivering communication training to team of healthcare employees.

Project background

Abbott Diabetes Care Sales Corporation came to Duarte with clear communication challenges. How could they build trust quickly with new clients, and how could they increase velocity in their full sales cycle? They had a brand new account strategist team, so between training on their business, industry, and sales deck, they also wanted to tackle communication delivery so they could start new relationships with healthcare clinics with the right tone. They turned to Duarte for their employee training needs. Additionally, they also used our Agency services for their sales enablement deck. They needed a sales deck that was effective, persuasive, scalable, and with a visual refresh. We offered them our Accelerator Lab™ services.



The big challenge

Clear communication challenges

Abbott Diabetes Care’s account strategist team met with executives often to build out business solutions and processes focused on helping healthcare clinics improve their healthcare quality metrics. Their focus was to meet with clients with the goal of booking meetings for either showcasing a proof of concept, or a pilot trial. From there, the meeting was vetted, and the sales team would take over to scale account. Whenever you have a large, new team, there is a need for training efficiency and scalability. And when it’s a team involved in the sales process, communication is imperative to get right because of its potential impact on overall revenue. Abbott came to us knowing their sales process was being dragged down by ineffective communication with their clients.

A better sales enablement deck and communication training

Abbott needed to learn audience-centric listening, how to align their elevator pitches, how to qualify good leads, how to persuade with story principles, and how to talk through a scalable sales enablement deck.

Our process

We recommend our Captivate™ workshop, our public speaking training, and our Story Accelerator Lab™ offering to redesign their sales enablement deck.

Our insights

They wanted their team to train with a portion of their new presentation deck. First we had them practice delivering their “Speaker notes” for particular sections of their old deck, and we honed their delivery around that narrative piece at our Captivate™ workshop. Then in small group settings, we had them work side by side with our designers and content developers as we built their sales deck.

Our approach

In addition to coming to Duarte for training, they also needed a revamped sales enablement deck, an offering we provided through our Accelerator Lab™ service from our Agency services. We built one with timeless principles like “What is and What could be” and a clear “Big Idea™”, so that it could be both persuasive and audience-first. And then we trained them on how to use it effectively in repeatable and scalable manner.

The results

10/10 training satisfaction

The Abbott team rated Duarte’s training 10/10’s across the board in training satisfaction! They now had a common sales language and framework, were trained on their new decks and left with more confidence in communication. They now were equipped with how to tell stories, how to connect with any audience, and how to communicate in an influential and persuasive way.

“I’ve been to plenty of presentation skills classes — this course was at the top of the list. The instructors were so knowledgeable and experienced and built a warm and comforting space to practice and fine-tune our skills.”

“Tips on being a dynamic speaker, the opportunity to practice in a safe space. Connecting to your purpose.”