Reimagining VMware’s high-stakes industry report as a stunning data story

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VMware ESG data slide

Project background

VMware’s commitment to equity, sustainability, and governance has consistently led to recognition as one of the most trusted companies in tech. And their annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report is foundational in showcasing the impact of their commitment. With an acquisition on the horizon, there were more eyes on this report than ever before. So, not only did they need an engaging ESG report with world-class visuals that would inform customers, they needed a partner who could help them impress several outside stakeholders.



The big challenge

Data doesn’t speak for itself … it needs a storyteller

When you’re wading through a long list of dry data points, it can be tough to tell a clear, compelling story that highlights true impact. That’s where Duarte came in.

Leveraging longterm partnerships

Having partnered with the ESG team on their report in both 2021 and 2022, Duarte came into the project with a unique understanding on how to produce a stunning ESG report, but also how to work efficiently and effectively within the client’s budget, timeframe, and collaborative preferences – creating a bespoke process that was best suited to their needs.

Our process

We began with a content strategy phase to develop a narrative framework that would serve as a north star. This was followed by a content recommendation phase that guided the content manager responsible for developing the document.

Our insights

Knowing sustainability was essential, our design phase focused on creating visual assets (such as charts, diagrams, and custom illustrations) that would stand out in the report itself, but could also be reused on the website and social media.

Our approach

From a collaborative standpoint, we streamlined the feedback process by building an Illustrator-based template within PowerPoint so VMware could collect internal feedback via SharePoint.

The results

A visually appealing report read by thousands

A beautifully designed ESG report read by thousands of clients, partners, investors, and employees that visualized the impact of the previous year while casting vision for the following year’s ESG goals.