Delivering complex tech as an engaging product launch for Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher banner
Thermo Fisher banner showcasing Ion trap anatomy

Project background

How do you talk about the latest and greatest mass spectrometry technology in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand? That’s the question the Thermo Fisher team faced, and it’s why they came to Duarte for a product launch deck that would clearly and compellingly illustrate very technical capabilities to their customers. Our team crafted such an impactful data story, complete with elegant 3D product renderings, that the sales team exceeded their projections multiple times over. Due to this success, Thermo Fisher began using the visuals we created for website collateral, too.



A sample of slides created

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The results

Simplifying data: An impactful presentation approach

Our content and design team worked in tandem to decipher complex charts and detailed datasets. The goal? Present the data in a digestible way that resonates with the target audience. Our content team uncovered the most important messages while our design team used bold text, bright colors, and simple charts to showcase how Thermo Fisher outperforms the competition. Our designers created even more on-slide magic using a combination of product angles, lighting, and animation to generate 3D renderings as impressive as the high-end product they represented.