Illuminate Torchbearer’s Toolkit™

This toolkit will help you determine which types of communication to use during each stage of a journey of transformation.

Great leaders can spark massive change by giving inspiring talks and presentations. But effective communication hinges on delivering the right message at the right time. If you’re launching a new product, process, or paradigm, you might not know what kind of speech to give your team, or exactly when to give it.

We make it easy for you by outlining different types of speeches, stories, and ceremonies that you can give depending on how your team feels at that moment.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Communicate the significance of your movement to your audience
  • Get your team to commit by using motivating communication
  • Combat resistance in its early stages by deftly deploying warning communications
  • Use speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols to galvanize moments that inspire and motivate your team
  • Choose the right communication tools at every stage of your movement

Download the Illuminate Torchbearer's Toolkit™