A time-tested way HR can develop a resilient organization

Learn how the Path to Organizational Resiliency™ model, driven by the power of storytelling, can transform employee culture.


Melissa Adams

Chief People & Performance Officer


It’s time to talk about organizational resilience: the ability for a company to anticipate, respond, and adapt to change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.

Let’s face it. We’ve had a few tough years. Companies are cutting headcounts, tightening budgets, and navigating market disruptions and AI advancements. However, the burden of carrying employee morale through it all still falls heavily on the shoulders of the HR team.

It’s time to incorporate organizational resiliency. In this webinar, Executive Vice President of HR Melissa Adams leans on her 20+ years of experience to share how she turned an employee culture around with the Path to Organizational Resiliency™ model. Can you guess what the fuel for that model was? Story.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is organizational resiliency
  • How story principles are the first step to your organization developing resilience
  • How to equip employees to navigate change and respond to disruptions

Who this webinar is for:

  • L&D leaders
  • HR leaders
  • Anyone leading teams with low morale and engagement
  • Anyone who wants to build a more resilient company

This talk is followed by a Q&A.

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