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Phoebe Perelman

Do you work with an executive who needs to improve their presentation skills for an upcoming talk? Or, maybe you are that executive. If so, you’re in the right place. Duarte is where leaders from the biggest global brands come to hone their public speaking and communication skills for all types of high-stakes moments.

What is executive presentation coaching?

Executive presentation coaching, executive speaker coaching, executive public speaking coaching … whatever you call it, the goal is the same: to help executives sharpen their presentation skills. Whether you need help crafting a compelling narrative, up-leveling presentation slides, or delivering your talk with oomph, an executive presentation coach can help. With a coach by your side, you’ll be able to deliver powerful verbal and visual messages in any situation, to any audience.

What does typical executive presentation coaching include?

When you look up “executive presentation coaching” online, you’ll find one-on-one coaching, online courses, and corporate workshops galore that cover topics like:

  • Storytelling
  • Body language
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Executive presence
  • Vocal techniques
  • Audience engagement
  • Influence

Although most trainings tend to cover similar topics, the coaching experience you receive will vary wildly based on the coach’s expertise, style, and format.


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What does Duarte’s typical executive presentation coaching include?

At Duarte, no executive coaching session looks the same because we cater each session to your unique needs.

One executive may want to find their authentic voice. Another may want help with their facial expressions and eye contact. One exec may need to get ready for a Q&A fireside chat, while another needs to prepare for a mainstage thought leadership presentation. Each of these hypothetical executives would experience drastically different coaching sessions based on their unique circumstances.

With that said, our coaches begin by asking about your personal goals and uncovering your growth areas so that they can develop a specialized action plan for your time together.

What executive presentation skills will they learn?

The Duarte coaching method is designed to help speakers demonstrate comfort, dynamism, and empathy. To do so, you’ll learn:

  • How to speak with power;
  • How to take up space;
  • How to infuse contrast in your voice;
  • And how to ensure your audience absorbs your message … just to name a few focus areas.

But as I mentioned, your coach will determine what focus areas you really need to home in on based on your strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to verbal and non-verbal delivery skills, you’ll also learn how to make your message digestible and memorable through storytelling, data visualization, and other visual aids.

But how do you know which type of coaching is right for you?

1. Services from an executive communication coach

If you’re an experienced speaker looking to go from good to great, and you thrive on personalized feedback, speaker coaching will be your best bet. This setting allows you to prepare for a specific presentation in a one-on-one format and refine your skills. After working with a Duarte speaker coach, you’ll walk away with the tactics and skills to:

  • Craft audience-centered messaging
  • Apply storytelling structure and contrast to make ideas stick
  • Become a more comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic speaker
  • Leverage your speaking strengths and identify areas of improvement
  • Guarantee long-term success

2. Relevant workshops

If you’re a public speaking newbie, you may want to start with a group training like our world-renowned workshop, Captivate™, where participants learn presentation foundations like how to:

  • Increase your confidence in every speaking setting, from meetings to keynotes
  • Persuade others not just by what you say, but how you say it
  • Leverage your personality and presence to create a memorable impression
  • Track your own progress through built-in practice sessions

3. If needed, high-touch, agency services

If you’re struggling to build slides and craft a presentation narrative, you may need to take a step back and recruit expert assistance before seeking delivery coaching. Our presentation agency can take the reins and develop a compelling script and cinematic presentation slides for you.


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What can an executive public speaking coach help you with?

An executive public speaking coach can help you take your public speaking and presentation skills to the next level by offering real-time, candid feedback and exercises for improvement. They’ll help you improve everything from the structure and content of your presentation to your articulation and eye contact.

Ultimately, our goal is two-fold: to help you prepare for an upcoming presentation and to provide the techniques and resources you can refer to even when the training is over. This way, you can continue to develop your skills. After all, good presentation skills are a muscle that you must continually exercise.

What are the benefits of executive speaker coaching?

The benefits of executive speaker coaching are valuable beyond measure. After all, public speaking is an essential skill for every professional. However, the benefits you reap will differ based on your circumstances and needs.

If you have a talk that’s well-written and ready to go, your coaching sessions may be centered around rehearsal. In that case, your coach is there to listen and provide feedback on your delivery. But if your presentation is half-baked and needs some extra attention, your coach will be able to help you refine your message before diving into delivery.

Additionally, if you’re struggling with visual ideas, your coach can offer you layout and conceptual advice to bring your presentation slides to life. As a full-service presentation and communication agency, our coaches can offer actionable advice on every aspect of your presentation.



Not all executive presentation coaches are created equal

Duarte has long been revered as the storytelling agency of Silicon Valley. For over 30+ years, we’ve worked with leaders from Fortune 100 companies like Apple, Salesforce, VMware, and Cisco – just to name a few. Whether we’re tackling cinematic presentation design, strategic content development, or bespoke speaker coaching, we are no strangers to high-stakes moments.

In fact, we have a history of making magic on the main stage – from public product launches to investor days to internal sales kickoff conferences. Our services include presentation design, scriptwriting, delivery coaching, event strategy, booth experiences, event collateral, motion video, and more.

If you want to take your presentation skills up a notch, this is your sign to invest in yourself. Talk to our team for details on getting an executive presentation coach or register for our one-of-a-kind workshops designed by Nancy Duarte herself. 


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