Dreamforce: Bringing AI innovation to life

Industry type: Technology


When it was time to launch Einstein, Salesforce’s AI engine, there was no better way than to put him on center stage at Dreamforce with Marc Benioff. Learn how Duarte created this unforgettable moment!


Unveil Salesforce’s new AI engine in a creative way.


Use a variety of presentation techniques to bring Einstein to life.


15M Dreamforce attendees were both delighted and informed.


  • Brand and product storytelling
  • Event support

The background

Salesforce is known for innovation in its CRM platform and its company culture, both of which are showcased at its annual conference, Dreamforce. The world’s largest software conference, Dreamforce gathers the brightest minds in tech from around the globe to network, learn, and get excited about the latest Salesforce updates and announcements. The showpiece of this immersive event is Marc Benioff’s opening keynote—and the bar is high.

Salesforce Slide: For Businesses, AI Is Too Complex

The challenge

Audiences expect great things from Dreamforce. So, every year the event team is challenged to deliver an even more breathtaking presentation that’s worthy of a global tech powerhouse. When it was time to launch Einstein AI, the keynote needed to clearly explain this new technology while creating an unforgettable, “WOW” moment! Based on Duarte’s reputation for pioneering jaw-dropping presentations, Salesforce knew we were up to the task.

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The solution

The event team asked us to dream big…and we did. Working closely with them over nine months, the Duarte team planned and designed an immersive, cinematic visual experience that would capture the essence of Einstein and captivate ​the audience.

  • Our process

    Duarte proactively led a series of brainstorms, pitched ideas, and pivoted direction as we learned more about the top-secret technology and product announcements Salesforce would be unveiling.

  • Our insights

    While planning the demo portion of the keynote, it became clear Einstein himself should appear onstage with Salesforce’s executives to create what we call a S.T.A.R. Moment (Something They’ll Always Remember). Then we experimented with several novel technologies to orchestrate his jaw-dropping entrance.

  • Our approach

    To bring Einstein to life in real-time, we used a mix of augmented reality, animation, sound effects, slides, and a bit of production magic. As the awe-struck audience watched, the animated character traveled from the giant projection screen through a portal to appear on stage next to CEO Marc Benioff and CTO Parker Harris.

The outcome

When 170,000 people watching onsite (and 15 million watching online) saw Einstein interacting with Benioff and Harris, the buzz meter flew into overdrive. The groundbreaking AI innovation drew press coverage in Fortune, Forbes, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, and USA Today and reinforced Salesforce’s leadership as a tech disruptor on a global scale.