4 tips to nail your next sales kickoff talk

Elevate your sales kickoff talk with Duarte's 4 essential tips. Inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

Becky Bausman

Chief Customer Officer


Your sales team is pivotal for success. And as you plan your sales kickoff event, your next high-stakes moment is apparent: the sales kickoff talk. What you say, and how you say it, will be more imperative now than ever before. And with lots of high-stakes moments under our belts, we can help you to get the most momentum to start the year off right. We get it. Your sales kick off is part pep rally, part skill building, part product news, and part technical training. In the world of high-stakes moments, let’s hone in on one: Sales Kickoff Events.

Whether you call them SKOs, RKOs, or some acronym in between, sales kickoffs have the power to pivot your organization back on track. They’re opportunities to respark your sales team – and it’s important to get them right. But they’re also part skill building, part product news, part training, and more. With competing goals for this event, how confident are you in it making an impact? There is a job to get done at your Sales Kickoff Event. And with hundreds of high-stakes moments like sales kickoffs under our belts, the Duarte team can help you not only deliver your message for maximum impact, but ensure it moves the needle in your organization.

In this webinar we cover 4 simple, but imperative, tips for your next sales kickoff talk. Rooted in the Duarte Method™, our research-backed principles will help you:

  • Inspire your salesforce
  • Think audience-first so your message actually lands
  • Leave a powerful, memorable impression that will stick with your organization

This talk is followed by a Q&A.

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