Part II: What would Duarte do – Your most pressing questions answered

Get your slide design questions answered with insider tips from three world-class Duarte presentation designers.

Ryan Orcutt

Ryan Orcutt

Creative Director, Head of Design

Back by popular demand!

We had so many unanswered questions from our last webinar, we’re back to wrap everything up with a bow.

We know you learned a lot from our last webinar, What would Duarte do: Slide design makeovers. We had three of our world-class, Duarte presentation designers provide makeovers to your slides and teach you some simple tips and tricks to ensure your presentations can stand out, too.

Well in Part II: What would Duarte do – Your most pressing questions answered, we unveil what we did for the grand prize winner. And we answer more of your burning and most popular questions!

You’ll learn

  • More complex slide design tips and tricks
  • The opportunity to ask more design questions live (or pre-submit them!)
  • Potentially how your slides can come to life in the hands of a Duarte designer

This is a 30-minute webinar followed by 30 minutes of interactive Q&A.


Ryan Orcutt, Creative Director, Head of Design

Designing and delivering compelling presentations for nearly two decades, Creative Director and Head of Design Ryan Orcutt leads a department of more than 30 presentation experts and strives to uphold a high-level of creative output while maintaining a healthy, balanced, and diverse culture. His extensive client list includes thought leaders like former Vice President Al Gore, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Pollan, and he’s built presentations for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Adobe, Apple, Blackberry, Cisco, Deloitte, Meta, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Rakuten, and Snap.

Oscar Chacon, Senior Art Director

Oscar Chacon is a Senior Art Director at Duarte, and brings 14 years of experience that delights our clients. He is passionate about clear, functional design choices, minimalism, motion graphics, typography, and visual storytelling. He’s a collaborator at heart and loves connecting to others on a human level so together, they can raise the bar to new heights, both through design, and out of it.

Radha Joshi, Senior Design Lead

Radha Joshi is a Senior Design Lead at Duarte , bringing 7 years of experience to the table. Originally from India, Radha moved to the U.S. in 2017 after studying Graphic Design. Specializing in presentation design, she’s passionate about visual storytelling, typography, painting, and event design. Based in Fremont, California, Radha is dedicated to crafting compelling designs that effectively communicate her client’s message.

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