VisualStory®: A deep-dive Q&A

Your questions on implementing story and design in your presentations—answered.

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Duarte’s VisualStory® training explained

Have you been devouring our blog posts and resources? Maybe you’ve taken one of our workshops? If so, you probably have at least a few burning questions on the art of visual storytelling. We know, because so many of you send us questions as you continue your learning journey. We’d be honored to help.

A deep dive Q&A session

Join Laura Wall Klieves, former VP of Duarte Academy®, and former Senior Facilitator, Mike Pacchione, for a webinar focused on the principles we teach in our VisualStory® workshop.

In this webinar, we address some of our FAQs, including:

  • What’s the best way to create a presentation for someone else?
  • How do you build a deck, according to the time you have allotted?
  • What is a good strategy for leave-behinds?
  • How can you weave together technical and non-technical stories?
  • How do you turn a product brief into a story?
  • How do you create visual metaphors that are not cheesy?

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