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2023 has been quite a year. And while the corporate world was made up of industry disruption, the need for pivots, and other organizational challenges, it also created the need for resilience. Resilience amidst organizations, their employees, their ability to problem-solve new challenges, and their ability to still grow and hit company targets.

But don’t fret! Our subject matter experts have been hard at work creating new resources, new training, and new methodologies to help your organization:

  • Improve workforce morale by reducing miscommunication
  • Upskill your employees through transformative trainings
  • Tackle new ways to hit company goals and win buy-in
  • Develop brand new skills that have a direct impact on your workplace culture

While we made a plethora of resources this past year, we are excited to share with you our top 10 professional development resources that you all have enjoyed. From “oldies but goodies,” to brand new books and training materials, please enjoy this content roundup as we close out 2023.

Feel free to read, download, watch, and share our templates, articles, webinars, and books, and stay tuned for more exciting resources in 2024!


Duarte’s top 10 corporate training resources


1. Adaptive Listening™ book

This professional development resource is hot off the press! As our latest book in the Duarte library of communication resources, you can learn how to cultivate trust and traction at work by changing the way you and your team communicate. With our Adaptive Listening™ book, your team can learn practical tips and techniques to help everyone become better listeners and communicators.

2. Duarte DataStory® workshop

In the world of professional development resources, this is our most popular training workshop of the year! While professionals in finance, data analysis, and engineering absolutely love this course, anyone who needs to present data well will learn impactful takeaways at the conclusion of this course.

You and your team will learn how to translate data into persuasive stories that drive decision-making and inspire action with our Duarte DataStory® workshop. This workshop teaches you how to create compelling data-driven stories that resonate with your audience.

3. On-demand webinar: How Veeam accelerated company growth with a story-driven sales deck

If your sales department is struggling to meet quota, this is the corporate training resource for you! Watch this on-demand webinar, How Veeam accelerated company growth with a story-driven sales deck, to learn how we partnered with $1B software company Veeam to uplevel their sales enablement decks and empower their sales team with tried-and-true story principles to make their sales pitches more persuasive and impactful.

4. VisualStory® workshop

Sometimes you need slides to go with your big speech. And when you do, do they help, or do they detract? In this corporate training, your team can learn how to create visually compelling stories that engage their audience with our VisualStory® workshop. This is our second most popular training of the year, and it will show your organization how to use visuals to enhance their storytelling and create more impactful presentations.

5. On-demand webinar: A time-tested way HR can develop a resilient organization

Whether you solely focus on learning and development, or you’re in the broader world of HR, or honestly — you lead a team of employees and you’re facing challenges of attrition — this is the webinar for you! This corporate training resource is all about infusing resiliency into your employees. Let’s face it, we’re faced with a multi-generational workforce. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, they all come equipped with different strengths — and different levels of resilience.

Learn from our Executive Vice President of HR, Melissa Adams, as she delivers insights on how HR can use storytelling to build a more resilient organization. Watch our on-demand webinar, A time-tested way HR can develop a resilient organization, today!


6. The simple power of the slow reveal

In one of her latest contributions to “MIT Sloan: Management Review,” our very own CEO, Nancy Duarte, wrote an article, The simple power of the slow reveal. In this article, she dives into a specific storytelling methodology, and how an organization can use it to its advantage when relaying and talking through data.

Spoiler alert: “Revealing data piece by piece instead of all at once not only helps your presentation make sense but also creates meaning.”

7. Resonate® book

Packed with techniques normally reserved for cinema and literature, our Resonate® book is a professional development resource that will teach your organization how to create persuasive content. Whether it’s for a product launch, a sales pitch, or to win over stakeholders for a new initiative, everyone can benefit from learning persuasive communication skills that not only persuade, but are met with a positive response.

8. Slide:ology® workshop

So you have a great idea? How do you best find, select, or curate compelling visuals to go with it? The best visual aids help your presentation – they don’t detract. In this corporate training, your team can learn how to create more impactful presentations with our Slide:ology® workshop. This workshop teaches visual thinking and design principles so anyone can convert their ideas into effective visuals and slides.

9. On-demand webinar: Building resilience through storytelling

Can you tell we like to talk about resilience? It’s because it’s important! Learn how some of the biggest brands in tech, retail, finance, and healthcare are using the power of story to overcome communication challenges, thereby keeping their employees resilient. When you watch our on-demand webinar, Building resilience through storytelling, this professional development resource will show you and your team how to unite and bond people, especially those working remotely and in hybrid settings, and how to bridge differences between diverse groups of employees.

10. Slidedocs® templates

One of our most popular downloads of the year is our Slidedocs® templates. These templates are a DIY way of delivering impactful and memorable slides fast. Already equipped with the right amount of white space ratios and other design principles, you can deliver easily consumable communications that spread your ideas quickly. Download your template today!

We hope this content roundup of our best professional development resources for the year provides you with the insights and materials to tackle 2024. We know you’re forecasting ambitious goals and new priorities, and as the trusted communication partner for over 30 years to many Fortune 50 brands, we look forward to aiding you in your company goals in the New Year and beyond.

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