Get results: Transforming teams into data storytelling leaders

Ready to help your teams stop data-dumping? Get the most in-demand skill, communication, into your data-driven teams.

Michael Duarte

Michael Duarte

Senior Director of Learning Strategy

Diagnose your communication skills gaps at your organization

Every team is a data team these days. Across every department, you have colleagues who need to explain the insights they see clearly and confidently. Others need to develop into data leaders — individuals who can inspire action while communicating clearly their recommendations. Is your company doing this well enough to stay competitive?

If no, you’re far from alone. The same talent that analyzes facts and figures all day is usually not the same talent known for outstanding storytelling skills or persuasive abilities.

Have you ever experienced

  • Data that overwhelms and just sounds like noise?
  • Busy data presentations and finance reports that are just too cluttered?
  • Impatient clients or executives who aren’t seeing the conclusions you’re seeing?
  • Data presented in the wrong medium for consumption?

Beyond data storytelling

In today’s digital landscape, it is more self-evident that up-and-coming leaders need more than leadership development. You and your team need persuasive communication skills.

This webinar will give you a powerful framework for identifying your team’s data leadership skills gaps. We’ll also walk you through how to use our free tool, Data leadership skills diagnosticData leadership skills diagnostic. From individual contributors to executives, we’ll share learning journeys to fulfill your unique skills equation so your team can feel confident at communicating their data.

What you’ll learn

  • How to win stakeholder buy-in by sharing impactful data insights
  • The communication skills gaps your data teams need to succeed and grow in their leadership development
  • A framework you can use to assess skills and identify top skills priorities for your data storytellers and data leaders
  • Which courses in Duarte’s curriculum best serve your organization as part of a data leadership learning journey

Who this webinar is for

  • L&D managers seeking communication development for their data teams and data leaders
  • Leaders and emerging leaders who want to improve their data storytelling capabilities
  • Individual contributors who want to grow into leadership roles, but who have trouble getting their executives to see what they see
  • Tech team members who feel unheard by non-tech counterparts

This interactive webinar is followed by a Q&A.

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