Beyond the cluttered slide

Rules to create precise and powerful presentation slides.

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How managers can remove roadblocks to visual simplicity

Are you doing everything you can to encourage a culture of clarity? If you’re still sitting through long, overly-detailed presentations, or receiving cluttered slides, chances are you’re sending mixed messages about the kind of communication you want, need, and expect.

Every effective presentation requires a fluent narrative and visual clarity. In this webinar, former Duarte Master Facilitator, Scott Stiefvater, tackles the latter, teaching managers specific rules they can implement to more often receive the precise and powerful presentations they seek.

You can transform your team’s presentation culture by simply setting up expectations that encourage lucid thinking and visual simplicity.

You’ll learn

  • How to define and ask for the kind of presentation you really need
  • How clutter confuses us and how white space helps direct our attention
  • Why you should use duration limits and not slide count limits
  • The difference between an informed conversation and a persuasive presentation
  • How to teach your team to present to an executive
  • How to get the “take-away” information you need and avoid the cluttered slide

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