Light the Way

How to Lead Your Organization Through Change

Download the Illuminate Executive Summary

Any organization that wants to thrive needs to adapt quickly to change. In fact, the most successful companies consistently reinvent themselves by imagining and implementing new initiatives. But here’s the catch—you can’t just announce a change; you’ve got to get people onboard with your new ideas. That way, they can convince each other to leap into a transformation—and do the hard work necessary to make it happen.

In this summary of Illuminate, we lay out for you the typical structure of how change happens in an organization, so you can know what to expect during each step of the process. We also explain how to tailor your communication for employees who are enthusiastic and those who are resistant, so you can help move your entire team forward.


The Illuminate Executive Summary will teach you to:

  • Anticipate employee response during a company-wide change, so that you can communicate effectively
  • Guide your employees towards your vision—even when leaping into something new feels scary for them
  • Use motivating and warning communication techniques at the right times to encourage commitment and discourage resistance
  • Create galvanizing moments that sustain energy by using speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols